Face Your Nightmares in Terror At Oakheart and Discover Assemble Entertainment’s Full Gamescom Lineup

Assemble Entertainment Unleashes 80s-Inspired Horror and More

Developer Tainted Pact and publisher Assemble Entertainment join forces to unleash the chilling adventure game, Terror At Oakheart. Debuting at Gamescom 2023, players will enter the enigmatic town of Oakheart and face the terrifying killer Teddy.

A Classic Horror Experience Awaits

Terror At Oakheart is crafted to evoke the feel of an 80s horror film, following multiple characters whose fate is sealed by the deranged serial killer Teddy. Players will step into the roles of Eric, Ethan, Rose, Tyler, and others, as they navigate the horror-infested town and the Lovecraftian influences guiding the menace.

Venture Through Oakheart’s Darkest Corners

Exploration leads players through various settings including a police station, ranger station, camp areas, and even Teddy’s home. Delving deeper into Oakheart’s mysteries reveals hidden secrets that may be more terrifying than the killer himself.

Key Features to Keep You on the Edge

  • Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid: The town of Oakheart’s enigmas await.
  • We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes: Delve into Teddy’s twisted psyche.
  • They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara: Choose from a unique cast, and witness their survival or doom.

More Games on Display at Gamescom

Along with the frights of Terror At Oakheart, Assemble Entertainment unveils a diverse Gamescom lineup:

  • Super Catboy: 16-bit platformer magic with modern twists.
  • Three Minutes to Eight: A point-and-click race against destiny.
  • Between Horizons: Explore secrets on humanity’s first-generation ship.
  • Hauma – A Detective Noir Story: Investigate Munich’s elite society.
  • Fall of Porcupine: A story-driven adventure uncovering dark secrets.
  • Growth: Transform barren land into lush landscapes.

Prepare for Terror

Terror At Oakheart is scheduled for a Q4 2023 release, but eager players can dive into the first chapter and wishlist the game on the Steam Page.

By keeping with the guidelines of G-LYFE Nation’s commitment to factual reporting, this article provides an unbiased view into the nightmarish world of Terror At Oakheart and the diverse offerings from Assemble Entertainment at Gamescom 2023. Prepare yourself, gamers, the terror awaits.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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