For Honor’s Year 7 Season 4 ‘Treason’ Unleashes Icy Brawls and Betrayal on December 7

Highlander Maddox's Treachery Takes Center Stage in The Gauntlet's Chilling Makeover

Treason and Traditions Collide

In the world of For Honor, December 7 marks the onset of Year 7 Season 4, aptly named “Treason.” This season infuses Yule festivities with a dash of betrayal, featuring the Highlander Maddox in a shocking turn against his Viking kin. The season is set to bring a chilling twist to the holiday mood, melding celebration with conflict.

The Gauntlet’s Grim Transformation

The Gauntlet, a familiar battleground, now mirrors Maddox’s treachery. The map has undergone a stark transformation, juxtaposing the grim reality of Maddox’s revolt with the festive lights and decor of Yule. Players can experience the impact of Maddox’s actions firsthand, witnessing the village’s grim fate.

Ice Brawlers: A Frigid Fight for Survival

Starting December 7 and running until December 28, players can engage in the Ice Brawlers mode. This limited-time event sets two teams against each other on a fragile frozen lake. With the ice steadily cracking, players must stay alert to avoid a frosty demise. Additionally, the Forsaken Oath Event Pass, free for this period, offers exclusive seasonal rewards including a Battle Outfit, mood effect, ornament, and themed weapons.

Battle Pass: Embracing the Theme of Betrayal

Season 4’s Battle Pass is all about Maddox’s deceit, featuring new Battle Outfits, ornaments, and mood effects that reflect this theme. The Y7S4 Battle Bundle is also up for grabs, offering a shortcut through 100 tiers of rewards and accelerating progression by 25 tiers. For those looking to fully immerse themselves, the Oathbreaker Maddox skin for the Highlander is the perfect fit.

Hero Fest: Try Before You Buy

Players can test-drive the Highlander, Warlord, and Warmonger during their respective Hero Fests. These events, spanning from January 4 to February 1, offer a week-long free trial for each Hero. Additionally, players can snag these Heroes at a discounted rate during their Hero Fest, alongside a unique execution available for purchase.

Testing Grounds and Throwback Events

From December 14-21, the Testing Grounds event returns with a focus on Peacekeeper, Medjay, and Highlander. Also, watch out for the Realistic Elimination and Justice of the Pharaohs throwback events, commencing on December 28 and January 18, respectively.

For Honor is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. It’s also part of the Ubisoft+ subscription, offering a complete experience for subscribers. Stay frosty warriors, as treachery and festivities collide in this icy season of “For Honor.”

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S

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