Fortnite’s Epic Evolution: The Big Bang Event Set to Reshape the Game

Mark Your Calendars for December 2 - Fortnite's Next Chapter Begins with Eminem and More!

Fortnite’s Next Level Leap: The Big Bang Event Unveiled

Fortnite is gearing up for an earth-shattering event, aptly named ‘The Big Bang’, set to launch on December 2, 2023, at 2 PM ET. This isn’t just any update; it’s a herald of a new era for the game, featuring a special appearance by none other than Eminem.

How to Join the Cosmic Collision

Ready to dive into the action? The Big Bang event will kick off in the Battle Royale tile in Discover, 30 minutes prior to the main event. This is your chance to get in early, suit up in your favorite gear, and brace for impact. And hey, why go solo? You can team up in parties of up to four.

Can’t get to your gaming rig? No sweat. You can stream Fortnite via Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Amazon Luna on your computer or mobile device.

Bonus Alert: Attendees will snag the exclusive Big Bang Loading Screen – a memento of this game-changing moment.

Fortnite’s Downtime and Availability

To set the stage for The Big Bang, Epic’s Fortnite experiences will be offline from 12 PM ET on December 2. However, creator-made experiences will keep running until the downtime for the new v28.00 update at 11:30 PM ET. Heads up, content creators and players – remember to record your experiences before the downtime begins!

Dress for the Occasion: Eminem-Themed Gear Drops

Wondering what to wear for this monumental event? Starting November 29 at 7 PM ET, grab the new Rap Boy, Slim Shady, and Marshall Never More Outfits, along with matching accessories, from the Item Shop. And for those rocking the Marshall Never More Outfit, attending The Big Bang unlocks the fiery Marshall Magma Style. A hot way to commemorate the occasion!

Creating Content Around The Big Bang

For the creators out there, the Support-A-Creator (SAC) program members can host and monetize their The Big Bang event content on YouTube for a week. Remember to link your YouTube and SAC accounts and upload your videos as Unlisted or Public to avoid any monetization issues. For other platforms, keep their copyright policies in mind.

Note for Twitch streamers: Be cautious with VODs/clips during the event due to potential copyright flags. It might be wise to disable them temporarily.

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Platforms: Microsoft Windows. Nintendo Switch GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS, MacOS

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