Four New Specialists Coming to NosTale

It’s the holiday season, and the team at Gameforge has some exciting presents for NosTale players to look forward to! On December 14th, 2022, four new class specialists will be joining the fray along with a thrilling Winter Raid against Maru the Millennial Tiger! Additionally, players can look forward to Daily Quests, Event Quests, a Magic Sleigh with Red-nosed Reindeer, and an appearance from a certain rotund gentleman dressed in red who might just have some special gifts for NosTalians!

In NosTale, specialist cards allow players to take on unique roles which look and play differently. Any card in your Card Carrier can be equipped to change who you are and what you can do. As part of the new class specialists update, players will be able to shoot a cannon as the Archer, perform psychokinesis as the Mage, hop into a special suit to strike as the Martial Artist and pierce opponents as the Swordsman.

New Specialist Cards:

  • The Swordsman — Dragon Knight: The Dragon Knight’s attacks grant you the ‘Polished Lance’ buff. The more you collect, the stronger your buffs and skills will become — keep up the pressure and you will be rewarded!
  • The Archer — Blaster: Is it getting hot in here? Build up the Heating Gauge by using skills and gain strong bonus effects!
  • The Mage — Gravity: Master the fundamental forces of the universe with the power of Gravitation and Anti-Gravitation! Be warned, however: if one goes up, the other goes down. Get things just right (an even split) and you receive unique powerful buffs to your skills.
  • The Martial Artist — Hydraulic Fist: Charge up this specialist’s robot arms with magic fuel, granting all skills unique effects.

Winter Fun Comes to NosTale
Winter Raids

  • Maru the Millennial Tiger
    • Requirement: Maru’s Raid Seal needed (obtained from Daily quests)
    • Reward: Special Tiger Chest with a chance to drop the ‘Doppelgänger’ title and more!
  • Snowman Raid
    • Requirements: Players must have completed the Time-Space quest
    • Reward: Raid Box containing awesome specialist partner cards, the ‘Sleepy Head’ title, and other winter event items.

Winter Quests

  • Daily Quests
    • Search for the Siblings’ Mother
    • Save the Siblings
    • Acquire Sesame Oil
    • A chance to earn Maru’s Raid Seal and Brass Coins
  • Event Quest
    • Talk to the Wanderer NPC to exchange Brass Coins for the Wanderer’s Chest and the great items hidden inside.
  • Red Bean Rice Cakes and Sesame Oil
    • Collect Red Bean Rice Cakes and Sesame Oil by hunting monsters, then exchange the items for a reward or use them yourself. The cakes can restore HP and MP, and Sesame Oil is a must-have in the raid.
  • Daily Quests from Six NPCs in NosVille
    • Meet good and evil reindeer, let the bells ring out, watch how scarves are made from magical wool and knitting needles, and much more holiday fun! Collect colorful stockings to complete quests and exchange them for a Christmas Gift Box.
  • H-A-P-P-Y N-E-W Y-E-A-R
    • Collect golden letters (H, A, P, Y) and white letters (N, E, W, Y, A, R) that are dropped by monsters. Once you have enough to spell the words HAPPY NEW YEAR, you can exchange them for a Happy New Year Box and/or a Happy New Year Golden Box. If fortune smiles upon you, you’ll find a Movement Scroll, fancy costumes, or a variety of fireworks inside.

Visit Santa Claus, who has a very special gift for good players who bring him a Red-nosed Reindeer Bead (available from quests and the Winter Event raids listed below) and a Magic Sleigh (available in the NosMall)! For even more holiday cheer, use Maru’s SP Card to transform Tom and Kliff into the Millennial Tiger, or use the second SP Card ‘Maru in Mother’s Fur’ to transform the pair into a tiger disguised as the siblings’ caring mother.

Lastly, for those players who enjoy the exciting countdown until the big day, the Daily Calendar in the NosMall — through the power of holiday magic — will morph into an Advent Calendar!

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