Gas Station Simulator Unveils Tidal Wave DLC and Employee Content Update

Yo, listen up G-LYFE Nation! Gas Station Simulator, that bangin’ management sim from DRAGO entertainment, is making waves—literally. They just dropped the deets on their upcoming “Tidal Wave” DLC set for a 2024 Steam release. But that’s not all, peeps! They also unleashed the Employee Content Update today.

What’s Up with Tidal Wave?

This new DLC ain’t your average gas station gig. You’re ditching the mainland grind to vibe on an island paradise. From scuba diving to surfboard rentals, this DLC is packed with tropical mojo. Watch out for sharks and keep the island god Chunchumanchu chill, or else you’ll be trading paradise for a lava nightmare.

Chunchumanchu Keeps You Guessin’

For real, the Volcano Meter ain’t just for show. It’s a direct reflection of the god’s mood swings. Keep your customers happy and make offerings to the deity to keep that meter in check. Failure to do so might turn your island dream into a Pompeii-level disaster.

More Power to Expand

Got cash to burn? The Tidal Wave DLC lets you expand your Gas Station empire without any pesky objectives. It’s all about that paper and how you wanna spend it.

Don’t Slack on Maintenance

Yeah, paradise comes at a price. Ignore maintenance and get ready for “accidents” that’ll send Chunchumanchu into rage mode. Keep an eye on that equipment durability, folks.

Surf, Scuba, and Sharks

This DLC ain’t just about pumping gas. Offer scuba gear and surfboard rentals for that extra dough. But keep it safe—equipment failure messes with the Volcano Meter and nobody wants that.

Employee Content Update Drops Today

Don’t sleep on today’s update, either. DRAGO’s rolled out two new employees, a task-prioritizing system, and a fresh scheduling feature. Perfect for those who love micromanagement without the migraine.


Save the date: the Tidal Wave DLC is cruising onto Steam sometime in 2024. Stay tuned for more deets.

So there it is, gamers. Gas Station Simulator is coming at ya with some legit updates. Keep your eyes peeled for more info down the line. Until then, game on!

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Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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