GDWC Levels Up: Unveils Record-Breaking $660,000 Prize Pool for 2023 Winter Season

Hold onto your controllers, G-LYFE Nation! The Game Development World Championship (GDWC) is back, and it’s leveling up like never before. The 2023 Winter Season is now open for game submissions, and you’ve got until the New Year to drop your latest digital masterpieces. Set your calendars for February 2024, because that’s when the leaderboard will reveal the champs.

Quest Rewards: Swag, Cash, and Publishing Deals Across 12 Categories

And we’re not just talking about bragging rights here. GDWC is making it rain with a whopping $660,000 in total prize value. That’s not chump change, fam. This bounty will be scattered across 12 different award categories, everything from cool swag to software licenses, cold hard cash, and even publishing deals with marketing & User Acquisition funding. Yeah, you read that right.

Skillz & VRKiwi Join the Party: Expanding Opportunities for Mobile and VR Devs

The sponsor list is stacked too. Skillz is entering the game, not just as the mobile category sponsor, but also by broadening the field to three separate categories. Mobile devs, listen up! Skillz is offering multiple publishing deals with User Acquisition funding up to a mind-blowing $100,000. Not to be outdone, VRKiwi is giving VR developers a shot at a publishing deal with up to 100,000€ in marketing funds.

No Paywall, Just Skill: GDWC Open to All Dev Levels

Whether you’re grinding out code in your mom’s basement or you’re part of a pro dev squad, GDWC is a no-paywall zone. The competition is open to all, from hobbyists and students to industry vets. Games from all digital realms—PC, consoles, mobile, VR & AR, web & browsers—are welcome. The only catch? Your game must have dropped after August 1st, 2022, to join the fray.

Summer Recap: Setting the Stage for a Heated Winter Season

Before you mark the GDWC Winter Season on your radar, remember to catch the GDWC 2023 Summer Season Awards Stream. Going live on September 21st at 18:00 EEST / UTC+3, the event will spotlight the summer’s top games. Last season shattered records with more than 1800 games submitted in a mere 3.5 months. The jury had their work cut out for them, narrowing it down to 58 finalists across 11 categories.

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