Get Ready to Jump Back Into Tarisland: Closed Beta Wave Two Incoming!

Pre-Download Now: Tarisland Beta Goes Live on November 15 for Android and PC Gamers

Gear Up for New Adventures

The virtual realms of Tarisland are buzzing with anticipation as the pre-download gates swing open today for the game’s second Closed Beta. Scheduled to go live on November 15, this latest beta phase is an invitation for adventurers to gear up for an even more immersive experience in the cross-platform world of Tarisland.

Class Spotlight: Phantom Necromancer Teased

Tarisland’s teaser trailer offers a glimpse into the shadowy depths of the Phantom Necromancer class – a fresh avatar of darkness ready to join the fray. With the addition of this and one more enigmatic class, the battlegrounds of Tarisland are poised for new tactics and turmoil.

Embark on Epic Raids

A call to arms is issued for a ten-player raid designed to test the mettle of the bravest. Encapsulated in mystery, the raid’s lore will unfold through a series of narrative quests, promising to be a crucible for courage and cooperation.

PvP Ranks and Rumbles

The thrill-seekers of Tarisland will find their combative cravings sated with new PvP content, including an arena, two battlegrounds, and a fresh ranking system to stoke the competitive fires.

Optimizations and Overhauls

Following feedback from its first beta outing, Tarisland unveils numerous enhancements across its PvE, PvP, and crafting systems. These refinements promise a richer, more responsive gameplay experience.

Availability and Accessibility

Eager beta testers in select regions, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, North America, parts of Europe, and Southeast Asia, can mark their calendars and prepare their devices. Language support spans English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, ensuring a broad welcome for international challengers.

Looking Ahead

With eyes set on a grand launch in the first quarter of 2024, Tarisland is ramping up to welcome a global audience across iOS, Android, and PC platforms. Stay tuned for more dispatches from Tarisland as the countdown to conquest continues.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android

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