Goat Simulator 3 Leaps onto Xbox and PC Game Pass: Unleash Your Inner Goat!

Get Ready to Rampage: Goat Simulator 3 Now on Microsoft Store and Game Pass!

“Baaa-rilliant Arrival”

Coffee Stain Publishing and Coffee Stain North have unleashed the quirky chaos of Goat Simulator 3 onto the Microsoft Store, as well as Xbox and PC Game Pass. Starting today, gamers can revel in the goat-tastic adventures that this unique title offers.

“Multiplayer Mayhem and Crossplay Capers”

Goat Simulator 3 brings a herd of fun with its multiplayer options, supporting up to 4 players in both local and online settings. Xbox and PC players can particularly rejoice as the game supports crossplay between these platforms. Dive into San Angora and engage in headbutting hijinks with your pals!

“More Than Just Goating Around”

Since its original launch in November 2022, Goat Simulator 3 has been amped up with an array of post-launch content. New goats, missions, and mysterious secrets await, all bundled in the Game Pass version. Keep your eyes peeled for even more updates in the pipeline!

“A World of Chaos and Customization”

The game isn’t just about running wild as a goat; it’s an invitation to explore, cause chaos, and customize your character. With a sandbox world filled with secrets and quests, and over 300 gear parts for customization, players can ensure their goat is truly one-of-a-kind.

“Post-Launch Bonanza: No FOMO Here!”

Fear of missing out? Not with Goat Simulator 3 on Game Pass. All previous updates, including festive gear, fun missions, and secrets, are included. Whether you’re gunning for an Easter egg hunt or sporting a summery goatkini, the game has it all.

Creative Director Santiago Ferrero humorously notes, “A wise goat once told us ‘baa, baa baa baaaaa, baa baa’, inspiring us to bring Goat Simulator 3 to more platforms.” And for those whose gaming backlogs are about to get even longer with Goat Simulator 3, the team thanks you for your ‘sacrifice’.

Additional Note: Stay tuned, as Goat Simulator 3 is also set to make a leap onto Steam soon. Keep your hooves ready for more goat-led shenanigans!

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows

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