Gold Rush in Gaming: El Dorado Playtest Opens on Steam

Build, Conquer, and Rule Jukatan in the Upcoming City Builder Game

Embark on a Strategic Journey

“El Dorado: The Golden City Builder,” the latest strategy city-building game, is gearing up for its big moment with a playtest now open for registration on Steam. Developed by Gameparic, this game promises an immersive experience where players get to design, construct, and expand their way to glory in Jukatan, vying for the prestigious title of The Golden City.

Your Ticket to El Dorado

Wondering how to get in on this gold-building spree? Here’s your step-by-step guide to joining the playtest:

  1. Steam Login: Make sure you’re logged into your Steam account.
  2. Visit the Game’s Steam Page: Head over to the El Dorado game page on Steam.
  3. Locate the Banner: Scroll down a bit on the page until you spot the playtest banner.
  4. Click to Request: Hit that green “request access” button and you’re golden!

Rule Like a Legend

In “El Dorado: The Golden City Builder,” players take the reins as a leader. Your mission: build the most powerful and expansive empire across the Yucatan peninsula. Start from a modest settlement and nurture it into a bustling city, rich in life and overflowing with gold. It’s not just about construction – strategic planning and development play a key role in your rise to power.

Game Details: A Closer Look

At the core of this game is its unique setting and gameplay:

  • Genre: Strategy City-Building
  • Objective: Plan, build, and develop your settlement to conquer Jukatan and achieve the status of The Golden City.
  • Leadership Role: Step into the shoes of a mighty leader, commanding respect and awe, even from the Gods.
  • Divine Strategy: Offer sacrifices to the Gods, win their favor, but stay alert – don’t get lost in your own wealth.

Language Accessibility

The playtest breaks language barriers, available in 13 languages including English, Spanish (Spain), Simplified Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

Get ready to embark on a journey to build your empire and etch your name in the virtual gold of “El Dorado: The Golden City Builder.”

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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