Junkworld Goes Live on Apple Arcade: An Ironclad Defense Awaits You

Ironhide Game Studio has rolled out Junkworld, their fresh IP, joining the Apple Arcade roster exclusively on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. A part of the Ironhide line-up, which includes legends like Iron Marines and Kingdom Rush titles, the game is available with an Apple Arcade subscription priced at $4.99 per month. This offers gamers access to a continuously updated library of over 200 titles.

Strategic Chaos in a Post-Apocalyptic Realm

Junkworld invites players into a desolate future where survival is the name of the game. From the minds behind the acclaimed Kingdom Rush series, this tower defense strategy fest incorporates brutal challenges, intuitive gameplay, and a dash of Ironhide’s trademark humor. Gamers will lead a motley crew of scavengers across inhospitable landscapes, including barren deserts and radioactive swamps, in a high-stakes, action-packed quest for survival. Success hinges on efficient tower placement, smart deployment of tactic cards featuring special units and gadgets, and strategic hero training.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

The ultimate objective in Junkworld is to overthrow The Order in a campaign that stretches across four unique terrains. Each landscape brings its own set of adventures, unpredictable challenges, and weather conditions that could either aid or obstruct the battle strategy.

The Arsenal at Your Disposal

Junkworld equips players with an array of tools to fend off relentless enemy attacks. Here’s the rundown:

  • 16 Unique Towers: Ranging from hydraulic drill towers to mechanical bulls and even ones that morph enemies into sheep.
  • 16 Deployable Tactics: Use up to four tactics like Landmines and Misfits in each stage to lay waste to enemy ranks.
  • 9 Commandable Heroes: Level up your heroes to unlock devastating powers and abilities that fortify your defenses.

Terrain-Specific Challenges

  • 80 Campaign Stages: Each stage showcases distinct environments, weather conditions, and battlefield layouts.
  • 75 Special Missions: These missions come with unique rule sets, radically altering gameplay on existing stages.
  • 70 Side Quests: Achievable passively, these tasks reward players for their gameplay diligence.

Enemy Intel for Tactical Edge

Junkworld offers an advanced enemy intel system, revealing strengths and weaknesses of every enemy type encountered. This info helps players adapt their strategies on the fly and aids in making educated decisions on how best to defend their turf.

Platforms: iOS, Apple TV, Mac Operating Sytems

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