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Latest Videos

Tropico 6 – Spitter DLC Trailer (US)

It’s all about the fame and prestige. Nobody knows this better than a self-declared despot...uh, statesman, such as El Presidente. Tropico 6’s second DLC skyroc...

Skater XL – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Skater XL is a head-first dive into the skateboarding world, where style, creativity and the perfect trick is yours to define. Create, combine, and style tri...

Mario Kart Tour – Trick Tour Trailer

You can race against up to seven other players, whether they're registered as in-game friends, nearby, or scattered around the world.

Sakura Wars | Opening Movie

Don't blame us if the theme song gets stuck in your head for weeks. Here is the Opening Movie for Sakura Wars, launching April 28 on PlayStation 4!

SMITE – Tutorials – How to Play: Ra

Get started on the battleground of the gods with the SMITE God tutorial for Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. Ra is one of the free, playable mages in SMITE.

Emissaries Explained – Official Sea of Thieves Gameplay Guide

Trading Company Emissaries are changing the way that crews sail the Sea of Thieves! For any scoundrels not up to speed, here's an explanation of how to fly an E...

SMITE – Tutorials – How to Play Thor

Get started on the battleground of the gods with the SMITE God tutorial for Thor, Norse God of Thunder. Thor is one of the free, playable assassins in SMITE.

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