Level Up Like Never Before: MapleStory’s New Age Ushers in the 6th Job Advancement

Epic Updates and Events Mark a New Chapter in MapleStory's Journey

The Dawn of a New Era: Introducing New Age: 6 and New Age: Into the Abyss

MapleStory, the classic free-to-play, side-scrolling 2D MMORPG by Nexon, is hitting new levels of excitement with its latest monumental updates – New Age: 6 and the forthcoming New Age: Into the Abyss. These updates promise to revamp the gaming experience, bringing in a wave of fresh content and features.

New Age: 6 – A Fresh Start for Adventurers

  • Hyper Burning and Burning World: Fast-Track to Power The beloved Burning event makes a comeback in New Age: 6. This Hyper Burning event is your ticket to rapid leveling, offering two extra levels for each level up, propelling players quickly towards Lv. 260 and the coveted 6th Job advancement. Additionally, the Burning World opens its gates, boasting exclusive skills and an array of rewards.
  • Identisk Island Event: A Mysterious Convergence The collision of Iden Island and Tisk Island has birthed Identisk Island, with a mysterious fallout – the loss of Iden Island’s divine blessing. This winter, embark on a limited-time event to uncover this mystery and bag special rewards.

Game-Changing Updates: Elevate Your Experience

  • Level Up Adjustments: Quicker Progression Awaits From Lv. 200 to Lv. 260, experience an unprecedented pace in leveling up, thanks to adjusted EXP rates. Even outside this range, leveling up is now more effortless than before.
  • Daily Quest Enhancements: More Rewards, More Fun The Arcane River and Grandis Daily Quests are now more rewarding, offering increased EXP.
  • Grandis Revamp: Easier Access to Challenges This update brings lowered requirements for Sacred Power and Boss entry levels, making it easier to tackle these challenges.
  • Special Skill Ring: New Ways to Obtain The coveted Special Skill Ring from the Tower of Oz can now be earned through boss fights, adding more pathways to power.

The 6th Job Advancement: A New Frontier of Power

  • Hexa Matrix: Customizing Your Power The 6th Job advancement introduces the Hexa Matrix, a new system to manage HEXA Skills and HEXA Stats. This includes the Origin Skill, boasting a new powerful cutscene, and the Mastery Node for enhancing core skills from the 4th Job or below.
  • Boosting Combat Experience The Boost Node in HEXA Skills enhances the performance of 5th Job skills, taking the combat experience to new heights.
  • Enhancing Core Stats HEXA Stats allow for the enhancement of vital in-game stats like Boss Damage and Critical Damage, marking a clear growth in character strength.

Looking Ahead: New Age: Into the Abyss

Coming on December 13, New Age: Into the Abyss will continue the saga with war on the Battleship Arteria, expeditions into Minar, adventures in Carcion, and much more. Stay tuned for further details and get ready to embark on these epic new journeys in MapleStory.

Platforms: GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows

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