Lightyear Frontier: A Galactic Farming Odyssey Awaits in March 2024

Wholesome Snack 2023 Drops Major Reveals: Content Roadmap Unveiled

Blast Off to the Frontier: March 2024 Launch Confirmed

FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Game Invest are buzzing with excitement as they confirm the launch of their epic open-world farming adventure, Lightyear Frontier, set for March 2024. Gamers got a sneak peek of what’s to come in a fresh trailer at Wholesome Snack 2023. This reveal wasn’t just a teaser; it was a full-on roadmap of the content dropping throughout the early access period. Mark those calendars, fam, ’cause this journey begins in March 2024 on Xbox Series S/X and PC, plus it’s hitting Xbox Game Pass at launch.

A New Planet Awaits: The Lightyear Frontier Experience

Get ready to take a peaceful plunge into a mysterious and stunning new planet with Lightyear Frontier. It’s not just about setting up shop and farming; it’s about syncing with the environment, creating a homestead that vibes with the galaxy. Whether you’re rolling solo or teaming up with three other players, these fully customizable mechs are your key to roam, gather, grow, and trade. Every move you make shapes the world around you, uncovering secrets and mysteries as you build your slice of paradise in the cosmos.

What’s on the Horizon: Post-Launch Content Roadmap

The hype train doesn’t stop at launch. FRAME BREAK is already teasing the post-launch goodness. We’re talking quality of life updates, an expanded game world, and more map to explore. They’re planning to deepen your connection with the Frontier, introducing more interactions with in-game neighbors and animals, and enriching the world with diverse flora and fauna. It’s all about growing that cosmic farming experience.

Get Ready to Farm Among the Stars

For all the aspiring exofarmers out there, Lightyear Frontier is your ticket to a captivating planetary adventure. Set to drop in March 2024, this title is all about harmonizing with an alien planet, building a thriving farm, and immersing yourself in an environment that breathes and evolves with you. Gear up for this epic journey on Xbox Series S/X, PC, and Xbox Game Pass right from the start.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

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