Lock and Load, Gamers! Novarama Drops Details on UNITED 1944’s Mega Beta Weekend Plus Twitch Drops

Novarama ain’t foolin’ around when it comes to their latest project, UNITED 1944. This WWII-themed FPS is kicking off another beta weekend, scheduled for September 29th through October 1st. Get ready for a full-on, bullet-riddled experience with new game modes, maps, and—wait for it—a Twitch drops campaign. Gear up, soldiers!

Two Modes, Double the Action: Team Up or Go Solo

The upcoming beta weekend isn’t just any playtest. Players are in for a real treat with two game modes up for grabs. Whether you’re into 16v16 domination matches set in new and improved WWII battlefields or the intense Survivor mode, there’s something for everyone. Teamwork is key, especially when you’re scavenging for resources, fortifying bases, and clashing with enemies. Get ready to deploy in France, the epicenter of D-Day, and a revamped North Africa map, now with better team balancing and new landmarks to keep the gameplay fresh.

Survivor Mode: Where Only the Toughest Make It Out Alive

But hey, not everyone’s a team player. For lone wolves out there, the new Survivor mode offers a break from the usual team-based combat. In this intense mode, it’s every player for themselves. Scour the city for supplies, establish makeshift bases, and most importantly, survive. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and your ability to adapt will determine if you become a seasoned survivor or just another casualty of war.

More Than Just a Face Lift: Gameplay Updates and New Weapons

As if new maps and game modes weren’t enough, Novarama has also implemented a series of quality-of-life updates. The day-night cycle is more realistic, movements are smoother, and, get this, two new Light Machine Guns—the Bren and Type 99—are making their debut. These bad boys are perfect for laying waste to enemy fortifications and breaking through defenses.

How to Enlist: Beta Access and Twitch Drops

The beta runs almost non-stop from September 29th at 6AM PT to October 1st at midnight PT, covering servers in Europe, North America, and Asia. Interested? Hit that ‘Request access’ button on the UNITED 1944 Steam page or hop on their official Discord for real-time updates and support. And if you’re a streamer, don’t miss the Twitch drops campaign that’ll rain exclusive in-game items for your viewers.

So, whether you’re a team player or a solo contender, the UNITED 1944 beta weekend has got something for you. Time to get those boots dirty, G-LYFE Nation!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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