Magnum & BLAST Premier: A Chilly Showdown in Abu Dhabi

Scooping Up Action: Ice Cream Meets Esports at World Final 2023

Sweet Partnership Rekindled

BLAST Premier, the high-octane esports event, gears up for another collaboration with Unilever’s Magnum ice cream, marking their fourth joint venture. The upcoming World Final in Abu Dhabi, scheduled for 13-17 December, will witness this unique fusion where esports meets frozen delights. The world’s top eight Counter-Strike teams are set to compete for a jaw-dropping $1 million prize pool, all under the indulgent gaze of Magnum.

A Fusion of Flavors and Frags

The alliance between BLAST Premier and Magnum transcends the ordinary, bringing together digital and physical realms. Fans at the Etihad Arena and those tuning in online will experience Magnum’s integration in various forms, from physical and digital branding to special broadcast segments. This immersive blend promises to add an extra layer of excitement to the already electrifying World Final showdown.

Cooling Down in Abu Dhabi’s Heat

As the intense battles rage inside the state-of-the-art Etihad Arena, fans can chill out with Magnum. The brand plans to set up booths and activations both inside and outside the venue, offering delightful ice cream samples to savor in the sunny Abu Dhabi weather. This isn’t Magnum’s first rodeo with BLAST Premier – their partnership history includes three previous events, proving their commitment to blending esports with sweet treats.

Industry Leaders’ Take

Alexander Lewin, VP of Distribution and Programming at BLAST, expresses enthusiasm about reuniting with Magnum, anticipating the joy of bringing one of the world’s leading ice cream manufacturers to the esports audience. Meanwhile, Aleksander Shibanov, Unilever Ice Cream’s Marketing Head in Arabia, echoes this sentiment, eager to see the Counter-Strike community relish Magnum while immersing in the climactic end to the 2023 season.

The Final Countdown

The BLAST Premier World Final stands as the culminating event of 2023’s esports calendar. The prestigious event will host the year’s top eight teams, selected through elite event victories or points amassed on the “Race to World Final Leaderboard,” across 16 diverse events. This grand finale in the UAE’s capital isn’t just a test of skill; it’s a celebration of the fusion of gaming and lifestyle, where adrenaline and indulgence collide.

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