Massive Worlds Await in Bang-On Balls: Chronicles—Exit Plan Games Drops New Trailer

Exit Plan Games, in partnership with Untold Tales, has rolled out a fresh trailer dubbed The World of Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, letting players peek into the sprawling in-game levels. This ain’t your average indie sandbox; it’s a smorgasbord of platforms, combat, and collectibles crafted by devs seasoned in AAA projects.

A Genre Fusion of Madness

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles comes loaded with a blend of sandbox adventures, 3D platforming, and even scavenger hunts, offering both solo and co-op experiences. The talent behind the game? A crew of veteran AAA developers flexing their skills on an indie scale.

Dive into Multiple Worlds

Upon launch, players will have access to five diverse playable worlds, each offering its own distinct flavor:

The Bobbywood Studios Lot: Consider this your main hub—a film studio brimming with mini-games, a zoo, and secret goodies.

The Viking Invasion: Traverse Medieval Britain, now occupied by Vikings, and get ready for an epic showdown with a thunderous Norse god.

Cold Race to Space: Choose your allegiance between the US and USSR Space Programs and help them soar the skies. Trespass into high-security zones, unravel secret labs, and prep the rockets.

Kraken’s Lost Coins: Step into the Golden Age of Piracy and navigate through enemy-infested islands. Engage in boss fights, treasure hunts, and deep-sea escapades.

Time Trouble on Kaiju Island: Time-hop between Feudal and Modern Japan in pursuit of a rampaging Kaiju monster. Gear up to confront the Mongol army and Pixel Aliens alike.

Coming Soon: Wild West Exploits

A sixth world, rooted in the Wild West theme, is already in the pipeline and will drop as a free update for all players.

Ready Up, Gamers!

Set your calendar reminders: Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is slated to launch on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch come October 5th, 2023.

Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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