Merge Mansion Heats Up This Holiday Season: New Events, Festive Makeover, and Grandma Ursula’s Secret Pie Recipe!

Winter Wonderland Hits Hopewell Bay in Metacore’s Mystery Extravaganza

Snowy Surprises in Store

Merge Mansion, the gripping mystery game by Metacore, is getting a holiday makeover. On December 1, players new and old can marvel at Hopewell Bay’s snowy transformation and see their beloved characters in festive attire. It’s a winter wonderland with Grandma Ursula and Maddie decking out the Mansion for some cool holiday fun.

From Game to Kitchen: Grandma Ursula’s Pie Recipe Unveiled

In a delicious twist, Metacore is bringing the Merge magic into kitchens worldwide. Grandma Ursula’s famed Hopeberry pie recipe, a game favorite, is now available for fans to whip up IRL. This holiday treat comes with a special sticker download for that authentic Merge Mansion touch, but beware – this recipe’s got some secret ingredients!

Events Galore: Wrapping Up Fun

The holiday cheer doesn’t stop there. Starting December 1, join Mason and Santa in a sneaky mission to wrap Grandma’s cottage in the “Holiday Mystery” event. Get competitive with the return of the “Gingerbread Jamboree” leaderboard event and dive into the winter-themed “Lucky Catch” for limited-time fun.

Caroling Comeback: “Fa-la-la-la Follies”

Catch the musical vibe from December 12 as Maddie revives Hopewell Bay’s Holiday Carol tradition. The Mansion driveway turns into a stage for spreading musical joy, but will the townfolk groove to the tunes? Find out in this melodious board event.

Festive Frenzy: “Deck The Halls, Clear The Web”

The excitement peaks on December 13. Join Maddie and Grandma as they spruce up the Mansion for Christmas, only to find themselves on a basement adventure. Clear cobwebs, navigate through boards, and grab festive rewards in this thrilling triple board event.

Daily Delights: Advent Calendar Treats

Starting today till December 24, the Advent Calendar introduces daily quests and rewards, ensuring a daily dose of Merge Mansion magic.

Bathroom Mystery Continues: Part 2 Unlocked

The intriguing bathroom saga continues as Maddie encounters suspicious plumbing. Help her and a plumber unearth the secrets hidden in the pipes in this captivating new area.

Ring in 2023: New Year Resolution Event

Wrap up the year with the New Year Resolution feature, offering free-to-play fun and special rewards.

Merge Mansion invites G-LYFE readers to join in on these festive frolics, try out Grandma Ursula’s Hopeberry pie, and get ready for a holiday season filled with mystery, excitement, and a dash of secret ingredients!

Platforms: iOS, Android

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