Meta Quest 3 Gets Stacked With LEGO Bricktales as Launch Title

Gather ’round, builders and VR junkies! Thunderful and ClockStone just hit us with some killer news at Meta Connect: LEGO Bricktales is jumping into the Meta Quest 3 lineup as a launch title. Oh, and it’s not just for Quest 3—Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro are in on the action, too. Pre-orders are up, and here’s the sweetener—score an exclusive LEGO alien outfit as a pre-order bonus.

LEGO Dioramas Meet Mixed Reality

We’re talkin’ genuine LEGO brick dioramas, fam. LEGO® Bricktales VR transports these intricate creations straight to your pad, courtesy of mixed reality tech. The game syncs with Meta Quest 3’s VR controls, so it’s like having a LEGO set right at your fingertips. Get ready to dive into crafty environments and save a down-and-out amusement park, one LEGO brick at a time.

Journey Across LEGO-Themed Biomes

Now, hold up, ’cause this ain’t your backyard LEGO setup. LEGO Bricktales takes you on a wild trek through five mad-detailed biomes. Ever wanted to roam through LEGO jungles or chill in a LEGO desert? Here’s your ticket. Each zone has its own building challenges to unlock that noggin of yours. Whether you’re flexin’ your design prowess or going full-on engineer, it’s all about how you tackle these creative tasks.

Quest for Inspiration and Solve Real-World Physics Puzzles

The game is about more than just eye candy; it’s got heart, too. Help Gramps breathe some life into his dilapidated amusement park. You’ll rub elbows with quirky NPCs and face physics-based puzzles that’ll make you put that big brain to work. Think cranes, gyrocopters, and other wicked cool constructions from the team that brought you the Bridge Constructor series.

Industry Stakeholders Weigh In on the Hype

Agostino Simonetta, Chief Games Officer at Thunderful, said this game is a dream for LEGO aficionados. “The level of immersion that VR offers will make exploring these detailed dioramas a game-changing experience,” he added. ClockStone CEO Michael Schiestl echoed the enthusiasm, stating that this marks their “first foray into mixed reality,” promising a fresh experience for LEGO enthusiasts around the globe.

Pre-Order Deets and Bonus Swag

Just a quick PSA: The pre-orders for LEGO Bricktales are live, and if you jump in early, there’s an exclusive LEGO alien outfit waiting for you. No cap, this is gonna be one for the books, so keep your calendars marked for December 7th, when LEGO® Bricktales makes its grand entry into the VR universe.

So there you have it, G-LYFE Nation. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore LEGO enthusiast, LEGO® Bricktales is gearing up to redefine your VR experience.

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