Metal Bringer: A New Chapter by ALPHAWING Announced for Steam

ALPHAWING, the Samurai Bringer Developer, Announces New Sci-Fi Adventure Game

PLAYISM and ALPHAWING join forces again for the release of Metal Bringer, scheduled for a global launch in 2024. This follows the success of ALPHAWING’s previous game, Samurai Bringer, a Japanese roguelite action game that hit the shelves in 2022 with Very Positive ratings on Steam.

Metal Bringer: Dive into a Sci-Fi World with Androids and Giant Robots

The Bringer series expands its horizon with Metal Bringer, set in a world with hordes of androids and massive robots. The game offers evolved combat action, building on the strong foundations laid by its predecessor.

Steam Page Live: Add Metal Bringer to Your Wishlist

Gamers can now view the Steam page for Metal Bringer. Wishlist this highly anticipated sequel for the latest updates and release information.

The Story: Suria’s Quest Through a Futuristic World

The game’s story follows Suria, a young girl waking up from cryosleep after 1000 years. Finding herself trapped in a laboratory, she embarks on a quest with her trusty Buds and custom-built Labor robots to uncover humanity’s whereabouts.

Highly Customizable Player Characters: Create Your Mech

Metal Bringer allows players to create android soldiers called “Labor” and control giant machines known as “Arms.” The game features an extensive customization system, enabling players to design mechs according to their preferences and fighting styles.

Evolving Gameplay: From Disks to Power-ups

Unlike Samurai Bringer, where players mixed combat techniques, Metal Bringer introduces “disks” containing apps to strengthen characters. These intuitive power-ups make mowing down enemies and growing stronger more satisfying.

New Technologies: Visual and Audio Enhancements

Incorporating the retro art style of Samurai Bringer, Metal Bringer also integrates real-time pixel art generation and raytracing technology for visually stunning environments. The real-time music, adjusting to the gameplay situation, adds to the immersive experience.

All-Star Creative Team: Key Art by Suzuhito Yasuda and Writing by Sami Shinosaki

The creative forces behind Metal Bringer include renowned artists and writers, ensuring an engaging and visually captivating game for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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