Hold onto your controllers, G-LYFE Nation! MINTROCKET just laid down the gauntlet with the reveal of their next major project, NAKWON: LAST PARADISE. They even dropped a teaser video to give everyone a sneak peek into this stealth survival game.

Stealth Survival with a Seoul Vibe

If you’re still vibing with MINTROCKET’s previous game, DAVE THE DIVER, get ready for a change of pace. NAKWON: LAST PARADISE plants you smack in the middle of a zombie apocalypse in Seoul. We’re talking PvPvE action for up to 16 players. And yep, it’s planned to drop on PC.

The Meaning Behind ‘LAST PARADISE’

Ever wondered what ‘Yeouido’ means in the context of a zombie-infested Seoul? In NAKWON, it signifies a restricted quarantine zone, where survivors like you and me hunker down to dodge the undead. The teaser spills some actual gameplay, and let’s just say, Seoul has never looked so eerie—or so quiet.

Word from the Top Dogs at MINTROCKET

Game Director Jang Kyoung-Han pulled no punches. “We wanted a real survival game,” he said. The focus? Staying out of zombie reach while finding enough grub to keep you kicking. Sounds like a far cry from zombie games where you’re the predator. The studio started developing this just last year but already sees community feedback as a golden loot box for improvements.

MINTROCKET Executive Producer Kim Dae-hwon chimed in with the studio’s goals. They’re all about delivering “creative, fresh, and fun experiences,” and NAKWON aims to deliver on that stealth survival genre.

Community Up! Discord and Steam Pages Live

Ready to dive deeper into the NAKWON world? MINTROCKET just fired up their official Discord and Steam pages. Jump in to get the full lowdown and even join the community. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for a pre-alpha open test slated for later this year.

Ready to gear up, gamers? NAKWON: LAST PARADISE is promising to bring the noise, or rather the stealth, in a big way. 🎮

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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