MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Drops Free on Console, PC Gamers Wait in the Wings

Yo, gamers of G-LYFE Nation, listen up! Bandai Namco Entertainment America just flipped the switch on MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE, a battle royale extravaganza based on the MY HERO anime universe. If you’re vibin’ with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, you can dive right in for the low, low cost of nada. PC peeps, hold tight—your turn is coming soon on Steam.

What’s the 411 on MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE?

In this fresh take on battle royale, you’re not just some random avatar—you’re a Hero or Villain straight from the MY HERO world. You’ll team up in squads of three and duke it out against seven other teams. Your arena? A sprawling cityscape where anything goes.

Playable Characters: Who’s In?

Expect the who’s who of the MY HERO fam: Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, All Might, Tomura Shigaraki, Himiko Toga—you name it. Each character brings their unique Quirk to the table, so choose wisely and make your team comp sing.

Quirks: Not Just for Show

Quirks aren’t just there for the lore; they play a real role in gameplay. Whether you’re dishing out damage or lending your team a hand, your Quirk can be a game-changer. Want to go on the offense? Or maybe you’re the support type? Either way, there’s a Quirk for you.

Civilians: More Than Just Background Noise

Don’t sleep on the NPC civilians scattered across the map. Choose to rescue or intimidate them, and you might just snag some powerful in-game items that could swing the match in your favor.

So there you have it, G-LYFE Nation! Whether you’re a battle royale rookie or a seasoned pro, MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE is throwing down the gauntlet. Now, it’s your move. Will you go plus ultra?

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