NetEase Games and NITRO PLUS Team Up for Rusty Rabbit: A New Adventure with a Gen Urobuchi Twist

NetEase Games dropped some major heat at the Tokyo Game Show, announcing their collab with NITRO PLUS to produce Rusty Rabbit, a 2.5D action side-scroller. Pencil in your gaming calendars; this bad boy is rolling out on PlayStation 5 and PC in 2024.

The Urobuchi Touch

The story is penned by none other than Gen Urobuchi of NITRO PLUS. Recognize the name? Sure you do. The same brain behind epic anime like Puella Magi Madoka Magica and PSYCHO-PASS. Urobuchi’s stoked to leap from text to interactive action.

What’s the Hype About?

In this frozen, post-human world, you’re Stamp—a rabbit with a knack for tech. Your main ride is “Junkster,” a mech built for scavenging and battle. But hold on to your controllers; this isn’t just another looting spree. Stamp crashes into the lower levels of the world, finds D-TAM terminals, and uncovers clues to his missing daughter and the planet’s dark secrets.

Key Game Features

  1. Level Up Your Mech: RPG elements let you customize “Junkster” using parts and materials you loot.
  2. Smash and Dash: Navigate maze-like ruins, dust off enemies, and haul in the treasure.
  3. Deep Dive Into Story: Thanks to Urobuchi’s screenplay, you’re not just smashing buttons—you’re unraveling a complex narrative.

Now you’ve got the 411 on Rusty Rabbit. Lock it in, gamers. 2024 can’t come fast enough.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows

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