Netmarble Drops Shield of Protection Ophelia in Seven Knights 2 Update

Hey G-LYFE Nation, big news on the mobile RPG front! Netmarble, the powerhouse behind mobile gaming, just dropped a massive update for Seven Knights 2. Hold onto your joysticks; we’ve got deets on a new Legendary+ hero, story chapters, gear upgrades, and limited-time events.

Enter Shield of Protection Ophelia: The Ranged Tank Hero

The update introduces Shield of Protection Ophelia as a Legendary+ hero. Classified as a Ranged tank, she’s not just there to soak up damage. Ophelia buffs up her squad with damage reduction and slaps a debuff on enemy ATK when rolling with two or more DEF type allies in PVP. If that’s not enough to get you hyped, she also can teleport in an invincible state to lay down some AOE damage.

New Chapter Alert: Nightmare Joins Season 1 Scenario

For the lore addicts, a fresh chapter called Nightmare has been added to the Season 1 story. Not only does it ramp up the difficulty but also hooks players up with generous rewards. So, if you’re into that narrative grind, your journey just got more intense.

Gear Up: Transcendence Tier and Mythic Equipment Levels Expand

Love your current equipment? Well, now you can level it up even further. The new Transcendence Tier lets players ascend their gear up to tier 3. For the Mythic equipment, you can juice them up to tier 20. No need to part ways with your favorite sword or shield.

Limited-Time Events: Full Moon Week Extravaganza

From September 27 to October 12, get in on the Full Moon Week action. Daily check-ins will net you rewards like Legendary+ Armor Selection and Full Moon Lucky Pockets. There’s also Alice’s Full Moon Week Soulstone Shop, where you can spend Full Moon Coins on goodies like Essence of Soul, Rubies, and Legendary+ Ophelia Soulstone. But wait, there’s more—special missions let you nab extra items like Mythic Upgrade Stone and Legendary+ Raid Weapon Varnish.

Seven Knights 2: A Quick Refresher

Just a quick reminder, Seven Knights 2 is the sequel to the original Seven Knights, which boasted a player base of 60 million worldwide. Set two decades after the original, the game features the Daybreak Mercenaries embarking on an adventure to find the last of the Seven Knights, Rudy. The game uses Unreal Engine 4, ensuring eye-popping graphics and immersive gameplay.

For those looking to maximize their gaming experience, this update has it all: new heroes, challenges, and gear enhancements. So, go ahead and dive back into the world of Seven Knights 2. You won’t want to miss out on this.

New Legendary Hero and Divinity Liberation System Unleashed in Seven Knights 2

Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

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