NFL Stars Team Up with Esports Pros for Showdown in Atlantic City

DEEM Enterprises and World Champion Fantasy Unveil Their First Esports Mashup

DEEM Enterprises and World Champion Fantasy (WCF) drop the big news: they’re gearing up to host an esports event like no other. Slated for January 2024, the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, is where the digital turf wars will unfold.

A-List NFL Talent Joins the Gaming Arena

No benchwarmers here. NFL players JuJu Smith-Schuster, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, and Kurt Benkert are headlining the event. Imagine swapping footballs for controllers; these athletes are plunging headfirst into the esports domain.

Diverse Rosters Make for Dynamic Gameplay

Think this is just another esports event? Think again. Teams for this special gathering will include a mix of esports professionals, amateurs, and NFL athletes. With such diverse rosters, this two-day event is shaping up to be a breeding ground for epic clashes and highlight-reel moments.

More Than Just Gameplay: A Full Entertainment Package

Attendees and live-stream viewers are in for more than just button-mashing. The event promises live entertainment, celebrity guest appearances, and musical gigs to keep the hype levels through the roof. And let’s not forget the immersive experiences coming your way, courtesy of the sponsors.

A Long Game: DEEM and WCF Seal the Deal

This isn’t a one-off spectacle. DEEM Enterprises and World Champion Fantasy reveal this is just the starting point for a series of events under their long-term strategic partnership. If this initial event packs a punch, the esports world better brace for a series of heavy hitters.

PlayerX: The Platform Powering the Event

Keeping things fresh, the event leverages WCF’s cutting-edge product, PlayerX. This platform isn’t just about flashy graphics; it fuses live video with real-time data to deliver an immersive esports experience that could redefine how we engage with competitive gaming.

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