OTHERLAND: Next offers special rewards program with integration in MMORewards portal

DRAGO entertainment’s free to play sci-fi MMORPG OTHERLAND: Next has teamed up with game portal MMORewards.com. For installing and playing OTHERLAND: Next via MMORewards.com, players will receive Rewards Gold, which they can exchange for cool stuff in the portal’s Rewards Shop. Drago also announced the release of the OTHERLAND soundtrack on iTunes and other major music stores for the 30th of November.

DRAGO entertainment is offering an additional way for players to join the game. Via the online portal MMORewards.com players are able to register for the game and download the OTHERLAND: Next client directly. Players of the Steam version and players of the MMORewards version are playing together on the same servers.


MMORewards users earn Rewards Gold for activities like registering for the game and daily logins. This currency can be exchanged in the Rewards Shop for attractive in-game items as well as games and other goodies. For OTHERLAND: Next, the shop currently offers various booster packs that include premium currency, in-game currency, XP booster, additional inventory slots and in some cases even pets and costumes. These booster packs increase the comfort while leveling and provide players with unique options to personalize their game characters.

DRAGO entertainment is adding various Starter Packs to Steam as well, providing users of the Steam version with bundles of useful items, ranging from in-game currency and inventory expansions to MetaMorph vouchers and Respawn tokens.


But the developers of OTHERLAND: Next are not stopping there with their efforts to ensure a smooth and easy entry into the game for their players. They completely reworked the User Interface, giving it a modern look designed to improve overview and readability.

The entire HUD and its components including all windows and elements like player frames and skill bars have been overhauled, giving it a sleek look that players of other MMOs will instantly feel at home with. Furthermore, existing mechanics like quest tracking have been improved, making navigation in the game easier and more intuitive – players will now be able to see directions and distances directly in the HUD instead of the tracker window. The patch with the big UI update will go live in a few days.


OTHERLAND: Next also features another significant performance improvement that is especially aimed at PCs and laptops with low and mid-level specs. Players will now notice frame rate gains of 10-20 fps across the board. With all these improvements and additions, there is nothing standing in their way now to explore the multiverse in OTHERLAND: Next.

The soundtrack has always been a key part of the game experience in OTHERLAND: Next, providing the perfect ambience for the various unique virtual worlds. Those that want to enjoy the music outside of the game and dive into the multiverse wherever they are will finally be able to do just that. They can download or stream single tracks or the complete soundtrack starting November 30th, including “Orlando’s Apartment”, the favorite track of Deborah Beale (aka “Mrs. Tad”, spouse of OTHERLAND author Tad Williams).


The soundtrack will be available on Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, iTunes, Spotify and other selected stores.

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