Reverse: 1999’s Time-Travel Challenge Invites Gamers to Relive ‘Trophy of the Past Glory

Embrace the 20th Century with UTTU Flash Gathering in Latest Update - Available on App Store, Google Play, and PC

A Blast from the Past: Reverse: 1999 Unveils New Time-Limited Seasonal Challenge

Gamers, get ready to time travel! The second phase of Reverse: 1999’s latest update, “The Theft of the Rimet Cup,” is bringing a whole new level of excitement with its first-ever Time-Limited UTTU Flash Gathering Seasonal Challenge, “Trophy of the Past Glory.” This free update is now up for grabs across multiple platforms including the App Store, Google Play, and PC.

Dive Into the UTTU Flash Gathering – A Journey of Fame and Rewards

Step into the world of UTTU Flash Gathering, a unique reading event hosted by the esteemed UTTU Magazine. The inaugural event, running from November 23 to December 7 (UTC-5), is set to take players on a thrilling journey. A special week is also slated from November 30 to December 7, offering gamers an enhanced experience. The goal? Complete stages, gather FAME cards, and snag cool rewards like a themed avatar, a new garment for the beloved companion APPLe, and more.

Mastering the UTTU Gameplay – A Guide to Victory

To excel in this challenge, head over to the UTTU Flash Gathering Center in the UTTU Market. Here, you’ll earn exchange tickets, which can be traded for rewards like APPLe’s garment “Echoing to Woodstock,” advanced growth materials, and more. Reading through “UTTU:FLASH” in the UTTU Market will unlock 30 chapters of increasing difficulty and rewards. Keep an eye out for the FAME Card System; these cards provide buffs in battle and can significantly impact your gameplay strategy.

Special Week & Intense Reading – Maximizing Your Event Experience

The Special Week feature reintroduces certain chapters with added tasks in Achievements. Unlock this on the eighth day after reaching chapter 20. This is also when “INTENSIVE READING EX” becomes available in UTTU Retails, offering a FAME Card of choice upon completion. Pro tip: Finish the UTTU:FLASH first to enhance your chances of snagging higher rarity FAME cards in UTTU Retails.

Top Character and FAME Card Picks for Ultimate Dominance

Looking to build a killer team? Consider Melania for her high damage Ultimates, Leilani for extra Moxie points, and Sotheby for crucial team healing. As for FAME Cards, “A Sweet Dream,” “Meteor through the Hurricane,” and “The Multilinguist” are top picks to boost your gameplay.

The UTTU Flash Gathering event is a limited-time adventure you don’t want to miss. Dive into “Trophy of the Past Glory” and experience the thrill of 20th-century gaming nostalgia, only in Reverse: 1999.

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Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS

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