Roguelike Card Battler The Last Kids on Earth: Hit the Deck! Enters Steam Early Access

SMART Technologies is pleased to announce that its card battler game The Last Kids on Earth: Hit the Deck! is out now on Steam Early Access for $14.99. The post-apocalyptic world may have ravaged the population and society as we know it, but on the plus side, there’s no homework, no parents, and no rules!

Based on the Emmy-winning TV series The Last Kids on Earth from Atomic Cartoons and Max Brallier’s best selling novels of the same name, The Last Kids on Earth: Hit the Deck! lets players inhabit the group of Jack Sullivan, and his friends June, Quint, and Dirk as they live in a tricked-out Tree Fortress of Awesomeness and fend off hordes of drooling zombies and giganto monsters from another dimension.

Choose two characters to use in tag-team combat using battle-card strategies in this cuckoo bananas post-apocalyptic world. Each character has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Abandoned foster kid and monster-slaying tough guy survivor Jack is great at teamwork and fights harder when his health is down. June is an expert at kicking zombie butt as she is adept at seeing monster intentions and evading attacks. Super-rad scientist Quint can choose his gear on the fly and is exceptional at using buffs and debuffs, while former bully Dirk is a super-strong monster-battling tornado who can shield anyone in combat.

Use over 60 unique cards per character to build your perfect battle deck. Gather more than 50 pieces of gear, like Rover and the Scream Machine, that each provides different cards for your quests when you “gear up.” Boost your monster-fighting awesomeness with consumables like Atomic Cola and Sulfuric Stink Bombs.

Your options are further expanded with a crafting table where you can refill consumables, upgrade gear, and even create your own custom cards! With over 30 quests that follow the events of the first book as well as offer new survival experiences, there’s never a dull moment in the town of Wakefield!

The Last Kids on Earth: Hit the Deck! is planned to emerge out of Steam Early Access in Q1 2023.

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