Rule Your Destiny: Thrive’s Closed Beta Opens the Gates!

Embark on a Medieval Saga in Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown's Exclusive Beta Run

Beta Begins: A Ruler’s Journey Awaits

PlaySide Publishing teams up with Zugalu Entertainment to launch the much-awaited Closed Beta of Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown. Gamers, get ready to flex your ruling muscles as this beta runs from now until December 11, 2023 PT.

How to Get In: Join the Royal Court

Ready to shape a kingdom’s destiny? Get your hands on the Closed Beta by requesting access on Steam. Don’t forget to join the royal debates on Discord!

Game Overview: A Kingdom in Your Hands

Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown brings a unique blend of medieval city-building and real-time combat. Set in a complex world, every decision you make as a ruler influences the game’s narrative and the fate of your kingdom. Play alone or with up to three friends in this immersive experience.

Beta Features: First Glimpse of Royalty

The Beta offers the first three hours of gameplay, focusing on city-building mechanics. While combat is limited, it’s still a taste of the action. Team up or go head-to-head in 1-4 player mode. Note: only the Neutral path is available at this stage.

Explore and Report: The Royal Scout’s Duty

While the full map is open for exploration, certain elements like the Wyrmaxan AI faction and Waelbeasts are holding back for now. English support is fully available, with auto-translations for several other languages. Remember, this is a true beta – expect bugs and issues, and your feedback is crucial for shaping the Early Access phase.

Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown is all about the choices you make as a ruler. Will you lead with kindness or an iron fist? The destiny of your kingdom is in your hands. Join the Closed Beta and start your journey to becoming the ruler you’re destined to be.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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