SaGa Emerald Beyond: A New Chapter in RPG Legacy

Celebrating 35 Years of SaGa with Strategic Gameplay and Evolving Narratives on Multiple Platforms

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Dive into the Ultimate RPG Experience with SaGa Emerald Beyond – Now Available Across Multiple Platforms

As SQUARE ENIX celebrates its 35th anniversary, the renowned game developer introduces SaGa Emerald Beyond, a new standalone entry in the legendary SaGa series. This game is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices on iOS and Android. A shining gem in the SaGa series, Emerald Beyond features the classic elements beloved by fans, such as its free-form scenario system and strategic combat, providing a unique gameplay experience for every player.

A Journey Shaped by Choices

SaGa Emerald Beyond amalgamates the core combat mechanics and scenario-driven narrative that have defined the RPG franchise for over three decades. The game promises an immersive experience through its strategic combat systems and a narrative that evolves based on player choices. With a cast of diverse characters boasting compelling backstories, the game offers an in-depth exploration into their lives and struggles, enriching the overall gameplay experience.

Crafting a Legacy with Legendary Creators

The latest installment sees the return of key figures such as Akitoshi Kawazu, the original creator of the SaGa series, alongside composer Kenji Ito and illustrator Satoshi Kuramochi. Their collective expertise and creative vision have culminated in a game that honors the series’ rich history while inviting both returning fans and new players to explore its depths.

Akitoshi Kawazu shares, “2024 marks the 35th anniversary of the SaGa series. It also marks the first time weve been able to release a new SaGa title simultaneously worldwide. Without our fans, this would not have been possible. SaGa Emerald Beyond is the product of 35 years worth of innovation, experimentation, and a personal desire to examine what makes an RPG an RPG. For our longtime fans, I hope you enjoy the ongoing innovations and callbacks to previous SaGa titles. I also invite newcomers to accept the offer of the emerald vision and embark on a new adventure. I hope everyone who picks up this title has an unforgettable experience with it.”

Inviting Newcomers and Veteran Gamers Alike

Masanori Ichikawa, a producer for the series who grew up as a fan of SaGa, expressed his excitement about the new release. “As a longtime SaGa fan who now has the honor of working on this franchise, I couldnt be prouder to present SaGa Emerald Beyond to the players. The things that made me fall for the SaGa franchise are all present in this title, from the free-form scenario system to the challenging strategic combat to the diverse and intriguing characters. Of course, one cant forget about composer Kenji Itos incredible contributions as well. Im also proud to say that weve taken steps to welcome in newcomers with the games emerald waves, which are key to the overall story and will guide players on their journey. I hope that through SaGa Emerald Beyond, players will be able to feel the teams passion and love for the franchise that has kept the series going strong for 35 years.”

A Taste of Adventure

For those eager to get a glimpse of the action, SQUARE ENIX offers three platform-exclusive demos on Nintendo Switch, PS5/PS4, and PC. These demos provide several hours of content from different character storylines, allowing players to experience a slice of the full game’s adventure. Importantly, any progress made in the demos can be carried over to the full game on the respective platform.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android

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