Savant – Ascent REMIX Hits a Lag Spike: Release Pushed to September 29th

Owlboy Dev’s Sequel Gets an Extra Loading Time

Heads up, gamers! If you’ve been spamming that F5 key waiting for Savant – Ascent REMIX to drop, gear up for a short AFK period. D-Pad Studio has shifted gears on the release date, moving it from its initial slot to September 29th. This applies for PC releases across platforms like Steam, GOG, and Epic. Console fam, you’ll have to wait a bit; it’ll hit PlayStation, Switch, iOS, and Android later.

More Than Just a REMIX: New Features Unveiled

Initially, the game was rolled out as a remastered avatar of Owlboy’s dev debut. Now, it’s mutated into something much bigger. Think five expansive stages that double up the size of the original game. These aren’t just your garden-variety levels; you’ll be dodging Laser Sharks and immortal Samurai while wrecking robotic space invaders. Your toolkit gets an upgrade, too, with double jumps, cancel-jumps, and mid-air powershots.

Modes and Melodies: What’s in the Loot Crate?

But that’s not where the hype ends. There’s a new Survival Mode and difficulty levels that range from casual to NES-style hardcore. For those of you vibing with the game’s tunes, get ready for 36 new tracks from Savant, a Norwegian musical genius. Buy the full OST on Steam by September 15th and score a 50% discount on the game. Now that’s some sweet loot!

Gameplay Dynamics: A Return to Alchemical Roots

In this shoot-em-up platformer, you step into the enchanted boots of the Alchemist. You’re booted from your lofty tower, and it’s time to climb back up. Gameplay is tight, confined to two platforms that could be anything from moving elevators to floating space junk. Quick reflexes and sharpshooting are your BFFs on this journey.

The Composer’s Touch: Music as Your Co-op Partner

The game is not just a solo raid but a collaborative effort with Simon S. Andersen of D-Pad Studio. The game’s music gives you a genre-bending experience, allowing you to even customize your in-game playlist.

Developer’s Take: Quality Over Rush

Jo-Remi Madsen from D-Pad Studio got real about the delay, emphasizing that it was a tactical move to ensure the game’s quality. “We’re really sorry about the delay. However, this was a decision we had to make for the benefit of the game, and we’re excited to deliver the best version of the game possible on September 29th.”


Savant – Ascent REMIX is not just an upgrade but a full-fledged sequel now. Delayed but not nerfed, the game is set to offer a bigger and badder experience when it finally drops on September 29th for PC. Console versions will follow suit later.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows

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