Start Your Engines for Racing Master Beta – Experience Next-Gen Racing Early!

Beta Test Open for Racing Master - Get a Glimpse of High-Octane Racing Excellence

Beta Test Launch

NetEase Games kicks off the Racing Master Beta today, ushering in an early test drive of their new racing simulation game. Players can throttle up on mobile and emulator-ready PCs ahead of the game’s 2024 launch, with the Beta period spanning from November 9th to November 28th.

Game Dynamics and Features

Harnessing Codemasters’ robust physics engine and Unreal 4 technology, Racing Master delivers an ultra-realistic racing ambiance. The Beta offers a garage of licensed cars and a toolkit for customization, alongside faithful track renditions for an authentic racing rendezvous.

Beta Participation Details

The Beta phase is accessible via Google Play, allowing gaming enthusiasts to engage in intense racing action on their platform of choice. With progress reset post-Beta, it’s a sprint to explore the game’s full potential before the official release.

Beta Content Unveiled

Featuring over 35 licensed speed machines, the Beta introduces players to an array of supercars and classic muscle cars. The introduction of the Car Paint Studio marks a new customization horizon, promoting a global exchange of high-octane style.

Tracks and Modes

Conquer storied racetracks and cityscapes, revamped for a thrilling racing experience. The Beta also tests new updates in gameplay mechanics and club features, inviting players to form alliances and dominate the racing circuit in PvE and PvP modes.

Developer Insights

Ethan Wang of NetEase marks the Beta as a crucial step in fine-tuning Racing Master. With player feedback driving the game’s optimization, the team aims to cross the finish line into launch with a product that embodies peak racing simulation.

Beta Rewards and Future Glimpses

Participation in the Beta promises exclusive rewards and a head start with bonus in-game currency for early supporters. As the race towards the 2024 launch accelerates, Racing Master is positioning itself as the pinnacle of racing games.


The race for supremacy in Racing Master begins now. With the Beta launch underway, players are invited to gear up for a racing revolution that promises to set new standards in simulation fidelity and competitive action.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android

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