Stellaris: Console Edition’s Toxoids Pack Launches, Expansion Pass 6 Teased for 2024

Toxoids Species Pack Drops on Xbox and PlayStation - Two More Expansions Incoming

Toxoids Takeover: Stellaris Console Edition Heats Up

Paradox Interactive has just dropped a major update for Stellaris: Console Edition players – the Toxoids Species Pack. This marks the first release in the much-anticipated Expansion Pass 6. Ready to rule the galaxy with a new, hardy species? The Toxoids pack lets players risk it all for galactic domination.

Price Tag for Galactic Conquest

Looking to snag this expansion? Toxoids is up for grabs as a standalone pack for $9.99/€9.99*. If you’re eyeing the full experience, Expansion Pass 6, which bundles two additional expansions set for 2024 release – Galactic Paragons and First Contact – can be yours for $29.99/€29.99*.

What’s in the Toxoids Pack?

Think you can handle the galaxy’s newest contenders? Toxoids brings a mix of repulsiveness and resilience. With new origins, civics, traits, and even a Toxoids advisor voice, this pack isn’t just about looks – it’s about strategy and survival in a cutthroat galaxy.

  • New Origins and Civics: Dive into the toxic underworld of your species. Ever heard of the Toxic God? Now’s your chance to find out.
  • Resourceful Traits: Embrace your noxious nature. Traits like Noxious, Inorganic Breath, and Exotic Metabolism aren’t just for show – they’re your ticket to power.
  • Unique Cosmetics: Redefine galactic beauty standards with new ships, species portraits, and cityscapes that ooze character (literally).

More Than Just Toxoids

Alongside the release of Toxoids, all “Stellaris: Console Edition” players get a free update. This isn’t your average patch – expect a heap of improvements and new features, courtesy of the Stellaris custodians team.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series S|X, Mac Operating Systems

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