Survive or Perish in Seoul’s Zombie Apocalypse: NAKWON: LAST PARADISE Pre-Alpha Playtest Drops Today

Get a first-hand taste of MINTROCKET's latest survival thriller, blending stealth and intense gameplay in a post-apocalyptic Seoul

Zombie Survival Madness Begins

Gamers, brace yourselves! The much-anticipated pre-alpha playtest for “NAKWON: LAST PARADISE” has officially kicked off. Developed by MINTROCKET, this title is set to redefine the zombie apocalypse genre with a stealth survival adventure that’ll test your wits and reflexes.

What’s the Hype About?

NAKWON: LAST PARADISE throws players into a harrowing post-apocalyptic Seoul, swarming with zombies. This isn’t your typical run-and-gun zombie game. Here, you’re just an ordinary human, armed with nothing but your senses to navigate through the undead chaos. Stealth is your best friend, and survival your only goal.

Gameplay That Gets Your Heart Racing

Expect intense 3rd-person action, where stealth, survival, and resource gathering aren’t just part of the game – they’re essential for your existence. Navigate through a complex environment, balancing the threat of zombies and the dynamics of PvPvE interactions. Every decision could mean life or death.

Join the Action

When? The pre-alpha playtest runs from November 29th at 17:00 PST to December 3rd at 23:59 PST.

How? It’s easy! Head over to the NAKWON: LAST PARADISE Steam Page and join the event for free. The best part? There’s no cap on the number of participants, so jump in!

Get ready to put your survival skills to the test in the pre-alpha playtest of NAKWON: LAST PARADISE. Remember, in the world of NAKWON, it’s not just about fighting zombies; it’s about surviving them.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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