Tatsujin Drops Triple Threat Titles at Tokyo Game Show 2023

Get ready, gamers! Tatsujin, the legendary developer, is stepping up its game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Clear River Games, renowned for their dedication to classic and retro titles, is backing two out of three of these bombshells, slated to release soon.

Chill Mode Activated: Snow Bros. Wonderland Returns After 30-Year Hiatus

Snow Bros fans, your prayers have been answered. Nick and Tom are making a chilly comeback in Snow Bros. Wonderland, the franchise’s first sequel in almost three decades. The game isn’t just rehashing old snowflakes, either. It boasts fresh 3D isometric graphics and fast-paced action that’ll have you chaining attacks and kicking snowballs like never before. Platforms include Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5, giving gamers a frosty retreat across multiple systems.

Blast From the Past: Truxton Extreme

For the shoot-em-up enthusiasts out there, Truxton Extreme is resurrecting the adrenaline-pumping legacy that put Tatsujin on the map. Designed with the same high-octane DNA that made the original Truxton a genre-defining masterpiece, the sequel is bringing white-hot shooting action to the PS5. Say hello to jaw-dropping 3D graphics and a lineup of powerful weaponry, like the Power Shot and Thunder Laser, designed to make those boss battles feel epic.

Pocket-Sized Arcade Fever: Amusement Arcade Toaplan

But Tatsujin isn’t just bringing heat to the console world; they’re also targeting mobile gamers with Amusement Arcade Toaplan. The app, available on iOS and Android, features 25 arcade classics, fully optimized for mobile play. What’s the cherry on top? The original Truxton is thrown in completely free, giving you a solid reason to jumpstart your virtual arcade.

Publisher Partnerships: Clear River Games & Tatsujin

Clear River Games is stepping in as the publisher for Snow Bros. Wonderland and Truxton Extreme in North America and the EU. Tatsujin is going solo for Amusement Arcade Toaplan, bringing all the classics straight to your pocket.

CEO Take: Masahiro Yuge’s Forward-Looking Statement

Masahiro Yuge, the CEO of Tatsujin, emphasized that these new titles mark the next phase in Tatsujin’s evolution. With fan-favorite franchises and new gameplay experiences on the horizon, the company aims to keep building on its already iconic status.

Tag this in your calendar, G-LYFE Nation! Tokyo Game Show, running from September 21 to September 24, is the place to be for firsthand gameplay of these hype-worthy titles.

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