The Front Blasts Into Early Access on October 11: Get Ready to Craft, Trap, and Shoot Your Way to Survival

Key Details You Can’t Miss

  • Developer: Samar Studio
  • Early Access Release Date: October 11, 2023
  • Platforms: Steam and Epic
  • Price: $19.99 USD (20% off at $15.99 USD for first-week buyers)
  • Features: Open-world survival, crafting, tower defense, modern vehicles, logical circuits, NPCs, farming, and cooking.

Secure Your Spot in Post-Apocalyptic Mayhem

Samar Studio is rollin’ out its first title, The Front, on October 11 for Steam and Epic. This open-world survival crafting shooter is set to hit the market at $19.99 USD. Those who jump in early get a 20% price cut, snagging the game for $15.99 USD within the first week. If you’re itchin’ to be among the first in this brutal world, you can hit up the wishlist on Steam and Epic right now.

Dive Deep into the World of The Front

The Front throws players into a post-apocalyptic playground teeming with mutants and hostile factions. Gamers will find themselves up against all sorts of enemies—from imperial forces to rebels—as they navigate open-world warfare that’ll decide humanity’s fate. Wanna bring along your squad? Team up to sweep through monster colonies, explore ruins, and more.

Base Building and Trap Setting: Your New Weekend Plans

Get down to business by constructing bases and setting up trap towers for defense. The game’s early access phase will feature levels 1-60, offering more than just a taste of its wide-ranging gathering and production tools, modern weapons, and an extensive fleet of ground and air vehicles.

Feature Rundown: What’s on The Menu

  • Shelter Crafting: Go wild with hundreds of building components. Let your creativity run the show.
  • Tower Defense: Take control of enemy paths with traps and automated turrets that’ll give any approaching horde a warm welcome.
  • Vehicle Construction: Get behind the wheel of 20+ vehicles including mining trucks and helicopter gunships.
  • Logical Circuits: Craft intricate defense systems to auto-detect and counter incoming threats.
  • NPC Recruits: Use Jammers to capture NPCs, each with unique crafting talents to up your game.
  • Farm to Table: Get your green thumb dirty with farming equipment and dozens of cooking recipes.

Explore or Expire

As if survival isn’t enough, The Front also pushes players to explore diverse biomes like deserts, rainforests, and snow-packed lands. Venture into military exclusion zones or underground institutes and keep an eye out for airdrops. You never know what you’ll find next.

Ready for Early Access? Gear Up and Dive In!

With early access just around the corner, now’s the time to keep The Front on your radar. Wishlist the game today and prepare for an all-out war for survival on October 11.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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