The Noble Collection Drops Minecraft Collectibles at NYCC: Here’s the Blocky Lowdown

Heads up, block builders and NYCC goers! The Noble Collection, the high-tier craftsman of premium collectibles, just dropped some exclusive Minecraft goodies at their New York Comic Con booth (#1061). For those who can’t make it to the con, mark October 14 on your calendars. That’s when the collection goes online at and hits select retail shelves.

When Minecraft Meets Real-World Craftsmanship

The Noble Collection’s Minecraft Collector Replicas bring virtual cubic creations into the physical realm. They’ve meshed the iconic pixelated design of Minecraft with a medley of real-world inspired textures. Imagine wood, stone, and minerals coming together to give your Minecraft collectibles an unprecedented tactile experience.

What’s in the Treasure Chest?

The collection isn’t just eye candy; it packs in a variety of must-haves. Here’s what you can look out for:

Diamond Sword Collector Replica: Priced at $69.99, this 20″ by 10″ display-ready piece offers a mix of cast iron and faux leather textures. Pre-orders are only open at NYCC.

Minecraft Chess Set: Yours for $59.99, this 32-piece set boasts textures mimicking obsidian, marble, wood, metal, emerald, and redstone.

Torch Collector Replica: Tagged at $39.99, it’s touch-activated and comes with an LED flickering flame. The textures are inspired by wood and coal.

Redstone Ore / Diamond Ore: Costing $34.99 each, these are touch-sensitive with two illumination options. Textures resemble rock and crystal.

Illuminating Potion Bottle: Also at $39.99, these bottles feature color-changing potions like Night Vision, Healing, Fire Resistance, Poison, and Regeneration. The textures mimic frosted glass and cork.

Noble Collection: Crafting Fandoms Since ’91

If you’re new to The Noble Collection universe, they’ve been crafting intricately detailed replicas and collectibles since 1991. With a portfolio featuring iconic properties like Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, The Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, Game of Thrones, and Star Trek, they’re no strangers to quality and detail.

That’s the rundown, gamers. Whether you’re at NYCC or keeping tabs from afar, this is a Minecraft loot drop you won’t want to miss.

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