The Thaumaturge: A Journey Into Wiktor Szulski’s Demons and 20th-Century Warsaw

In the forthcoming RPG, The Thaumaturge, developed by Fool’s Theory and published by 11 bit studios, players are introduced to Wiktor Szulski. Set against the backdrop of 20th-century Warsaw, Wiktor returns to navigate family matters and unearthly beings. Thaumaturges in the game world possess unique powers, bridging the gap between a gift and a curse.

Family Legacy and Mystical Powers

The concept of thaumaturgy isn’t just an isolated phenomenon; it’s a family legacy passed down through generations. For Wiktor, this hereditary power has a profound impact on his life’s trajectory. It’s not only him who feels the weight of these mystical abilities—his sister Ligia harbors concerns about Wiktor risking his life to interact with supernatural entities.

Salutors and Inner Demons

Known exclusively to thaumaturges, these ethereal beings called Salutors can be subdued through thaumaturgic abilities. These abilities give Wiktor a unique lens to explore the hidden corners of the human soul and even communicate with the Darkness. It’s a resonant message that everyone carries their own personal demons, a notion Wiktor understands all too well.

Get Hands-On at gamescom

For those interested in diving into the world of The Thaumaturge, a public demo will be available from August 23 to 27 at gamescom. Located at the 11 bit studios booth B028 in hall 10.1 in Cologne, Germany, gamers will have the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the title.

Coming Soon to PC

The Thaumaturge is scheduled for a PC release later this year, offering gamers an in-depth narrative experience set in a historically rich environment.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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