Time-Travel RPG Hits Phase Two: Doggo & Disco Balls in Reverse: 1999

Join Pickles the Philosophical Pooch in Bluepoch Games' Latest Update

‘The Theft of the Rimet Cup’ Unveiled

Bluepoch Games just dropped a bombshell with the launch of Phase Two in their 20th-century time-travel strategy RPG, Reverse: 1999. This latest update, christened “The Theft of the Rimet Cup”, is live across the App Store, Google Play, and PC. Gamers are in for a treat with this free Version 1.1 update running until December 6.

Meet Pickles, Your New Canine Companion

The spotlight’s on Pickles, a 6-star Border Collie character, known for his deep thoughts on science and philosophy. But don’t let his intellect fool you; he’s just as enthusiastic about playing fetch and chilling by the river. “Thus Spoke The Border Collie” rate-up banner introduces Pickles, alongside other unique characters like the 5-star flower-child Diggers and the returning Great Thief Melania.

New Gameplay Events and Challenges

Get ready for the “UTTU Flash Gathering,” a fresh gameplay event where players can scoop up FAME Cards to ace reading challenges. There’s more – a funky “Carnival On The Pitch” outfit for your disco ball companion APPLe is up for grabs. Also, don’t miss the two new events – “The Puppy & The Hippie” and “Pickles’s Free Translation,” that promises engaging content and rewards.

Boosted Drop Rates & New Banners

Phase Two spices things up with two new rate-up banners. Up until December 5, look out for boosted drops for characters like Regulus, Dikke, and Satsuki. From December 5 to 19, Voyager, Balloon Party, and X will enjoy enhanced drop rates.

What’s Still Cooking from Phase One

Phase One’s goodies aren’t gone yet. You still have time to snag Melania, new event stories, and other rate-up characters like Druvis III and Necrologist. Plus, don’t forget the Wilderness theme pack, “Where Fog Remains,” available in the Bank-Wilderness Shop.

Log in Rewards & Exclusive Gift Packs

Version 1.1 showers players with rewards for consecutive logins, including Clear Drop x600 and Picrasma Candy x5. And for those looking to splurge, the event packs brim with in-game resources.

Where to Download

Flex your puppy power and dive into all the new content of Version 1.1, “The Theft of the Rimet Cup,” by downloading Reverse: 1999 today on the App Store, Google Play, and PC.

Bluepoch Games continues to up the ante in the gaming world with Reverse: 1999’s latest update. Don’t miss out on the time-traveling adventures with Pickles and company in this engaging RPG experience.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS

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