Train Valley 2 Console Release Hits the Brakes: Delayed to November 22

Hold onto your conductor hats, gamers! BlitWorks Games just dropped the signal: Train Valley 2: Community Edition won’t be rolling into your Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 stations on the originally slated date. Instead, the train’s been delayed to November 22.

Why the Delay?

After soaking up player feedback at recent events like Gamescom and Indie Dev Day, the team at BlitWorks decided it’s all about that polish. Technical tweaks are in the works to ensure the console versions are nothing short of top-tier.

What’s in the Ticket Price?

Get this: the price tag stays at 24.99 USD|Euros. The Community Edition isn’t just the base game; it’s packed with DLCs like Passenger’s Flow, Myths & Rails, and Editor’s Bulletin. Plus, you get a hand-picked selection of 158 community-made levels. That’s a whole lotta track to lay.

Gameplay Rundown

For those who missed the hype train, Train Valley 2: Community Edition has you steering the wheels of industrial revolution. Your mission? Build railroads, pimp your locomotives, and manage that schedule like a boss. No delays, no accidents, just smooth rides all around to meet your valley’s ever-growing demands.

Newbies and Veterans Alike

Whether you’re a rail tycoon veteran or new to the locomotion game, this title’s got something for everyone. Think you’ve got what it takes to tackle complex logistics? Keen to build a train empire? Train Valley 2: Community Edition is your next stop.

So, What’s the Verdict?

All aboard for November 22. It’s clear that BlitWorks Games wants to bring the most refined version of Train Valley 2: Community Edition to consoles. A slight delay for a smoother journey? Seems like a fair trade. Keep those eyes peeled and calendars marked. The train is coming, just a tad fashionably late.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

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