United Against Fire: Firefighting Simulator – The Squad Lights Up Nintendo Switch

Step Into The Heat On Your Nintendo Switch

Heads up, G-LYFE Nation! Firefighting Simulator – The Squad is now scorched onto the Nintendo Switch scene. Straight from the brainpans of astragon Entertainment and Chronos Unterhaltungssoftware, this title ain’t playin’—tackle wildfires and house fires, either flying solo or in a co-op mode.

It’s Not Just a Port, It’s a Multi-Platform Blaze

Originally available on PC and other consoles, this Switch version maintains its fiery reputation. With over 40 dynamic missions, you ain’t just playing firefighter—you’re strategizing like a real member of a U.S. fire department. The gaming community, content creators, and even those press peeps are already singing its praises.

Price and Availability

Wondering about the dent this will make in your wallet? You can snag this bad boy digitally or in select retail stores for 34.99 EUR/34.99 USD/29.99 GBP.

Gear Up with Real Tools, Real Rides

Ready to geek out? This title comes loaded with officially licensed firefighting gear like the TP3 Pumper® and T-Rex® Articulating Platform from Rosenbauer America. You can also look forward to authentic equipment from brands like Cairns®, MSA Safety G1® SCBA, Leatherhead Tools®, and HAIX®.

Intense Firefighting Mechanics

But hold on, this ain’t your average point-and-spray firefighting game. Thanks to a tricked-out fire simulation system, you’re dealing with the complexities of water, smoke, heat, backdrafts, and even grease fires. So get ready for an immersive experience that’ll test your skills in dynamically spreading fire situations.

Train to Game, Game to Train

New to the fire-fighting game? Don’t sweat it! Comprehensive training will introduce you to the basics, helping you step up from rookie to a seasoned virtual firefighter.

Multiplayer Madness

Go from lone wolf to pack leader by diving into multiplayer action. You and up to three other players can join forces, coordinating your moves and showing that team spirit.

More Than Just a Game, It’s a Firefighting Experience

In summary, Firefighting Simulator – The Squad is a next-level firefighting experience. With its advanced physics system and focus on realistic mechanics, it’s not just about playing a game—it’s about understanding the complexities of one of the world’s most hazardous professions.

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Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch

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