Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Receives its Final Big Update

Real-Time Soviet-Themed City Builder Tycoon Game Gets Major Enhancements

Independent games development studio 3DIVISION has just launched the last major update for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, their popular real-time Soviet-themed city builder tycoon game. The latest update is now available on Steam for $34.99, and it sets the stage for the upcoming 1.0 version, expected to release in Q4 2023.

Introducing New Gameplay Elements

With this update, players will now have access to various new gameplay features that enhance the gaming experience significantly. The key additions include:

Waste Management

The latest update brings waste management into play, introducing up to 10 waste components generated by both citizens and industries. Players must now face the challenge of handling demolition tasks with specialized demolition vehicles and dealing with waste. Proper waste management is crucial for maintaining the smooth functioning of the city.


To keep their city running efficiently, players will now have to address maintenance tasks. Buildings and vehicles now experience wear and tear, requiring timely reconstruction and repairs. This new element adds depth and realism to the gameplay.

Expanded Mods

The game has incorporated several community-created mods that enrich the player’s experience. The update introduces new residential buildings, factories, aggregate storages, and multiple train models. These mods enhance customization options and diversify the gameplay.

Western Vehicles

With the introduction of the last big update, players can now purchase vehicles manufactured in the West using in-game currency. This feature further expands the available choices for managing their republic.

Graphical Upgrade

The game’s visuals have received a significant upgrade, with various placeholder graphics being replaced. This enhancement adds to the overall immersive experience of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic.

Research and Fertilization

Players can now engage in research activities that unlock numerous additional features and buildings, providing a sense of progression. Furthermore, the ability to fertilize fields for better crop yield has been introduced, adding a strategic layer to agricultural gameplay.

Single Lane Roads

A new road layout option has been introduced with single lane roads, allowing players to fine-tune their transportation infrastructure.

A Glimpse into the World of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

In Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, players are tasked with managing all aspects of a planned economy in a Soviet-themed environment. The game offers a broad range of activities, including resource mining, manufacturing goods, construction, investments, and citizen management.

The gameplay revolves around creating industrial complexes with loading and unloading stations, storage facilities, warehouses, and factories. Careful planning and efficient connections are crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of the city.

Players must also oversee the construction and management of various infrastructure elements, such as roads, railways, sidewalks, conveyors, wiring, and pipelines. Ensuring proper connectivity between factories, houses, and warehouses is essential for a thriving city.

Moreover, players need to focus on providing their citizens with everything they need for a content life, including amenities like playgrounds, cinemas, taverns, and shops. The game allows players to send citizens to mines for resource extraction, fields for harvesting crops, or factories for manufacturing goods.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic features an economic system that involves trading resources and goods with other Soviet and Western countries. Players can earn dollars or rubles by selling or purchasing resources and products. These funds can be reinvested in new infrastructure, buildings, or can be used to create a self-sufficient republic.

A Dynamic and Realistic World

One of the standout features of the game is its dynamic global market, where resource prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. This adds a layer of complexity and unpredictability, making every decision impactful.

From authentic Soviet-era buildings and vehicles to realistic landscapes spanning the 60’s to the 90’s, the game offers a rich and immersive experience for history enthusiasts and city-building aficionados alike.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic’s last big update marks a significant milestone in the game’s development journey. With the introduction of waste management, maintenance mechanics, and an array of new features, players can dive deeper into the intricacies of running a Soviet-themed republic. The diverse gameplay elements and dynamic global market ensure that no two playthroughs are alike, providing endless possibilities for city-building enthusiasts.

As the game approaches its 1.0 release later this year, players can look forward to an even more refined and engaging experience. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a must-play for those seeking a realistic and challenging city builder with a touch of historical nostalgia.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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