3 ways to get free cards in KARDS

KARDS is an online free-of-charge strategic card game accessible to all players worldwide. It combines traditional CCG gameplay along with innovative mechanics that were inspired by real battlefield tactics.

In the game, to build up your strategy and strengthen your position on the battlefield, you need a powerful card deck that will assist you in winning.

Regular gameplay allows you to earn all cards available that the number sums up to around 350. Almost all of them are collectible cards, while some single ones can only be earned during battles.

Consequently, you don’t have to incur any additional costs to get all the types of cards you need to build up your card collection in KARDS. Nevertheless, there are also other effortless ways of earning powerful cards.

Let’s look closer at 3 ways to get free cards in KARDS.

1# Get cards as an in-game reward

When you start playing KARDS, you are equipped with a basic package, and from there you build up your card collection.

One of the effective ways of upgrading your deck is by earning them as in-game rewards for:

  • completing daily missions,
  • daily first win,
  • national progression XP.

Moreover, in order to make things easier for newcomers, each day in the first week you are granted a daily reward which can be cards, or in-game currency, which is gold.

2# Use MillionPugs browser extension to get cards for KARDS

Another effective and effortless method of getting cards is using the MillionPugs browser extension.

MillionPugs is a brand-new start-up allowing you to get in-game content for the most popular games, for example:

  • KARDS,
  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game,
  • World of Warships,
  • Heroes and Generals

for shopping online in almost 2000 affiliated stores.

How MillionPugs works?

The idea is that you:

  1. shop online at affiliated shops, which include the most frequented ones like AliExpress, or Newegg,
  2. collect reward points along with your shopping,
  3. exchange rewards points for in-game content.

Is the MillionPugs browser extension necessary?

It is not required to install the MillionPugs browser extension and you can limit yourself to creating an account and checking out available offers on the MillionPugs site.

Nevertheless, the browser extension will automatically notify you once you visit any of the listed stores. Consequently, you won’t miss out on any opportunity to increase the number of reward points to collect.

As for the KARDS gamers, MillionPugs have prepared multiple in-game items, such as:

  • Lighter and Base Pack with cards from the five main nations (Germany, Britain, Soviet, USA, and Japan),
  • Breakthrough Officer Packs with cards from the five main nations and the two ally nations (France and Italy),
  • World at War – Battle of Britain set with 7 new unique cards, 18 cards in total for your set.

The MillionPugs service is free-of-charge and all you need to do to start is to create an account and shop online as you used to. Nevertheless, from now on, collect reward points at the same time.

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