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Looking for a game that keeps you well entertained while not breaking your wallet? 3 on 3 Freestyle is the game for you then. There are several different game modes to meet your style of play. Be that of playing by yourself or that of playing online with others. The first game mode is Jobs. This is a mode that you play by yourself. There are 5 different levels that you can play to earn various rewards for doing and completing these jobs.

The next game mode is 1 v 1. During this game mode you create a team and play against someone else that is online. You only have to worry about controlling on person during this mode while you have 2 computer players on your team.

The final game mode is 3 v 3. In this game mode you and 2 other online players go up against 3 other online players. This mode is a little bit harder and wouldn’t recommend this play unless you go in playing this mode with friends.



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