A Beginner’s Guide to Call of Duty Tournaments

There are few games that have had as profound an impact upon the world of e-sports as Call of Duty. While arguably stemming some somewhat humble roots, this MMORPG platform has taken the digital community by storm. Thanks to immersive graphics, intense gameplay, and a truly global audience base, Call of Duty is enjoying an unprecedented level of popularity in modern times. This is also the reason why many players are keen to become involved with online tournaments.

Still, we need to remember that the mechanics of such competitions can be slightly confusing if you have no prior experience. What are some basic strategies that may come in handy? Are there any tips and tricks that the experts can provide? Let’s quickly look at both of these questions if you hope to enjoy all that this incredible competition has to offer.

How Are Call of Duty Tournaments Played?

Perhaps the most important takeaway point here is that all COD tournaments are played in a 4×4 fashion. In other words, you will need to become part of a four-member team in order to do battle with another group. This is obviously much different when compared to standard player-versus-player competitions or when playing Call of Duty solo.

This framework exists for a very logical reason. Four-by-four tournaments are thought to enable players to focus more upon the game while also allowing them to have a greater impact upon the outcome. This might not be realistic if teams contained numerous members. Also, most feel that it is easier to monitor a limited number of opponents.

So, the first step is to become more accustomed to teamwork within a real-time scenario. Let’s also remember that it is important to develop a personal rapport with the members of your team. Communication is critical and being able to effectively share your thoughts with others is one of the best ways to ensure that you eventually emerge victoriously.

The Arena Mode

Similar to other MMORPG platforms, it is normally best to learn the ropes by entering into the arena mode. Interestingly enough, this is also the very same strategy which those who are more interested in COD betting tend to employ. The basic train of thought here is that the arena mode will enable you to learn the basic rules of the game while still providing opportunities to improve your rank. Other features such as “Ban and Protect” as well as “Specialist Draft” are likewise present. These are crucial to learning once you enter into tournament settings, so it is always a good idea to spend a significant amount of time in the arena before moving on.

Call of Duty tournaments are extremely popular within the online betting community and some industry analysts even feel that these competitions could represent the e-sport of the future. So, it is important to appreciate the basic mechanics if you hope to leverage all that these enthralling digital platforms have to offer. You might very well be able to walk away a winner!

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