A.K.I. Unleashes Poison in Street Fighter 6 on September 27th

Heads up, fighters! A.K.I., the latest addition to Street Fighter 6’s roster, is set to make her debut on September 27, 2023. Available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, A.K.I. marks the 20th character in the game, coming on the heels of Rashid’s addition in July. Street Fighter 6 fans can expect to face A.K.I.’s toxic skills in the game’s three modes: World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub.

Grab the “A.K.I. Arrives!” Fighting Pass Starting Sept. 1

For players keen on unlocking extra content, the “A.K.I. Arrives!” Fighting Pass goes live at 12am PT on September 1. The limited-time pass will include A.K.I.-themed items and cosmetics to spruce up your in-game avatar.

A.K.I. Channels F.A.N.G in Single Player World Tour Mode

Trained by her master F.A.N.G, first seen in Street Fighter V, A.K.I. brings her venomous personality into the fold. The single-player World Tour mode will delve into A.K.I.’s affiliation with the nefarious Shadaloo organization and her quest for herbal medicine in Tian Hong Yuan, a fresh location where players can perfect A.K.I.’s lethal moves.

A.K.I.’s Special Moves Unveiled

Serpent Lash: Launches nails like a chain, poisoning enemies. A subsequent hit on a poisoned opponent triggers a Toxic Blossom explosion for follow-up attacks.

Nightshade Pulse: Sends a poisonous bubble that expands when struck with Nightshade Chaser, increasing its area of effect.

Orchid Spring: Lays a puddle of poison affecting enemies who step inside.

Sinister Slide: Allows A.K.I. to glide across the screen to evade threats and execute moves like Venomous Fang, Heel Strike, or Entrapment.

Claws of Ya Zi: A Level 3 Super Art that targets opponent pressure points, injecting an explosive poison.

A.K.I. Available in Multiple Editions and Rental Fighter Ticket

A.K.I. and her elegant Outfit 2 will be accessible for owners of the Year 1 Character Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition starting on the aforementioned release date. Players can also sample A.K.I. using a Rental Fighter ticket, available via the Fighting Pass.

More Heat Coming to Street Fighter 6

The excitement doesn’t stop here. Year 1 of Street Fighter 6 promises more characters, including Ed and Akuma, as it continues to roll out new content.

Street Fighter 6 Partners with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Upcoming In-Game Collaboration

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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