A3: STILL ALIVE Update Brings New Soul-Linkers and Enhanced Dungeon Bosses

New Soul-Linkers and Enhanced Dungeon Bosses Now Live in A3: STILL ALIVE

This month’s A3: STILL ALIVE update for the App Store, Google Play, and Windows PC brings three new Soul Linkers for players to collect ahead of some new challenges, like Enhanced Dungeon Bosses and limited-time events for players to conquer before they go away.

Today’s update includes three powerful new Soul Linkers, Lena, Tallas, and Herdis joining users in battle:

Honorable Paladin Captain, Lena

An all-purpose SUPP type Soul Linker who increases Penetration and Evasion and grants an HP buff and recovery with her Ultimate

Runic Protector, Tallas

A combat-specialized DEF type Soul Linker who increases Ally HP and DEF, deals damage and decreases enemy Movement Speed.

Immortal Queen, Herdis

A main ATK type Soul Linker with an Ultimate that negates damage while active and the ability to reduce Skill Cooldown Times.

In addition, the maximum number of equipable Mythical Soul Linkers has increased from three to five.

The all-new Enhanced Dungeon Boss system will test players with even more powerful versions of existing bosses that appear at specific conflict areas within dungeons. The Enhanced Fallen Kaidess boss can be encountered at Refuge of the Dead B5, while the Enhanced Bandit Boss Kapora boss can be found in the Abandoned Guild Hall dungeon.

Other updates coming to A3: STILL ALIVE include:

  • Dark Lighthouse has been expanded to 108 floors total, while the Sanctuary level increased to 100
  • Poku’s Forest party event dungeon makes a return will all new events
  • In-Game Events
    • Eternal Glory Guaranteed Exchange Store (9/30~10/21) By summoning Soul Linkers with the 1+1 Eternal Glory Pickup Chests, players can earn ten Eternal Glory Guaranteed Exchange Tickets, which can be exchanged for rewards including new Soul Linker Equipment Summoning Chests
    • Immortal 7-day mission pass (9/30~10/21)
      • Warriors can earn three Immortal Pick Up Soul Stars that give a chance for earning Legendary Grade of the three new Soul Linkers, two Experience Soul Stars, gold, and Feather of Protection given out during the seven days
      • Purchasing the event pass will also grant an extra eight Immortal Pick Up Soulstars, ten Eternal Glory Guaranteed Exchange Tickets, and Diamonds in the duration of the pass.
  • Diamond Boss Exchange Store (9/30~10/21) – Players will be given exchangeable items, including Diamond fragments and Blue Diamond fragments, which can be exchanged for paid currencies Blue Diamonds and Diamonds based on their contributions in Enhanced Dungeon Boss fights
  • Climb Higher on the Dark Lighthouse! (9/30~10/21) – Additional rewards, including an Immortal, Pick Up Soul Stars with increased chances to collect the new Soul Linkers, and Feathers of Protection will be given for clearing the Dark Lighthouse
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