Adventure RPG The Use of Life Enters Early Access

PLAYISM is proud to announce that The Use of Life, by Japanese indie solo developer Daraneko Games, is now available on Steam in Early Access.

The Use of Life is a solo-developed indie game created in the image of a “choose your own adventure book” with multi-ending capabilities. The Early Access version will be released on Steam on May, 21st 2022, allowing players to play up to the second chapter of the game. The decisions that you make in chapter 1 will bring about significantly different outcomes in chapter 2, so choose wisely.

In this game, the decisions you make heavily affect your character’s stats as well as his way of thinking. The ending you get depends on your way of traversing your adventure, or your “Usage of Life”. The way the protagonist uses their “Life” for their own gain or for others is fully within the control of the player. Since the ending results from the player’s decisions, there is no strictly “good” or “bad” ending.

The narration and flow of this game takes place much like that of a “choose your own adventure book”, with TRPG-style dice rolling elements for events. Even the results of instances of events can be changed based on the decisions made. Whether you throw yourself into battles or play it safe depends solely on the player. These decisions made will change the way the protagonist thinks and sees the world around them.

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