AG French Direct Digital Event Recap

New games revealed by the French-speaking video game industry at the 2022 spring edition of AG French Direct.

Nacon, Focus Entertainment, Ishtar Games and other French-speaking developers appear at AG French Direct, honouring the French videogames industry.

A host of upcoming games were featured at the fourth edition of AG French Direct – the only digital event dedicated to French video games, organized by ActuGaming. With more than 40 games on the programme, AG French Direct had enough to satisfy all video game fans, from RPG fans to roguelike enthusiasts and lovers of virtual reality. The fourth edition of AG French Direct achieved a new record audience for 2022.

Among the games unveiled during the AG French Direct, there was a new trailer for the game Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong (Nacon), with the game’s developers discussing the creative process behind the game and touching on the universe of this highly-anticipated game. Demons had their moment of glory with Warstride Challenges (Focus Entertainment), which presented images of its new gameplay mixing Trackmania and Doom.

Several new games also premiered at the show, including: Before The Last Hour (Lunaris Iris), a roguelike game set in a post-apocalyptic universe; Last Moon (Sköll Studio), an action RPG inspired by the mythical RPGs of the 90s; and Danghost (Umeshu Lovers), a puzzle-arcade game inspired by fighting games.

Unreal Engine 5 was also under the spotlight with the announcement of Project Hoyrá (PrimaStone Studio), an action-adventure game that will run on the new engine from Epic Games. Finally, Crossroads (Piece of Cake Studios) presented a world premiere of a cooperative action game that will plunge players into a universe where supernatural creatures invade the Earth.

The Outbound Ghost (Conradical Game) caught the eye of many players with a new gameplay video highlighting its Paper Mario graphics style. For fans of dreamlike fantasy worlds, Mirages of Winter (Mirari Games) offers a unique adventure with its announcement for PC. Finally, Propagation: Paradise Hotel (WanadevStudio) will challenge players to survive a zombie invasion, all in virtual reality!

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