Alchemy Stars Celebrates 1.5 Years This Week

Celebrate the 1.5 Anniversary of Alchemy Stars with Enchanting New Events!

To celebrate the 1.5 Anniversary of Alchemy Stars, Tourdog Studio will be introducing a series of limited-time event quests to the mobile game. During this period, players can obtain unique rewards and Lumamber and the 5-star Aurorian Goldie Solamber for free just by participation!

You can find a list of what to expect once the Alchemy Stars 1.5 Anniversary December 15, 2022, update arrives:

  • Limited Event: Starry Adventure: Heaven-Shaking Melody:
    • The Starry Adventure: Heaven-Shaking Melody event will be available for a limited time! Receive special rewards by participating in the event until January 12, 2023.
    • Complete the event to get an Aurorian Goldie Solamber entirely for free!
    • Tackle the Dreamy Nostalgia difficulty version of these special quests to receive Special Star Flares and Lumamber.

  • New Aurorians joins the roster of Alchemy Stars:
    • Aurorian Vic and Brandy, and Aurorian Goldie will be available to obtain from a special rate-up banner until January 12th, 2022. Vic and Brandy will join the standard recruitment banner once this period ends.

  • Lucky Stars Recruitment Banner:
    • This limited-time banner will guarantee a 5-star Aurorian from the first 10 recruitments. Special 5-star Aurorian Goldie will appear on this banner, and this will be the only opportunity for players to obtain her outside of event participation.

Help Goldie Realize Her Dream of Becoming an Idol!

Players will now have the opportunity to train their very old idol and prepare them for their debut! This unique mode will feature several different endings and reward players with Lumamber and Nightium.

Make a schedule for Goldie, a new Aurorian that will be appearing in Alchemy Stars through the December 15th, 2022, update, and improve her abilities as an idol to see her realize her dreams! Not only will you be training and assisting Goldie, but you’ll be an integral part of growing her fanbase, so she can take to the stage and perform in front of an audience of adoring fans!

This event will be rolled out in three parts, with the first series of quests appearing on December 15th, 2022. Subsequent quests will appear on December 16th, and December 17th, 2022, respectively.

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