Apex Legends Event BLAST Titans To Feature Arenas Mode

This month’s BLAST Titans Apex Legends event will see tier-one teams competing against each other for the first time in the game’s popular new Arenas mode.

Recently added Arenas mode will be played by Europe’s best Apex Legends teams

This month’s BLAST Titans (July 23rd-25th & July 31st-August 1st) event will be the first tier-one Apex Legends event to showcase the brand new Arenas mode with the best teams around Europe competing for a €40,000 prize pool.

The inaugural BLAST Titans tournament will see 40 teams, including the likes of Gambit, Alliance, and NAVI, competing online over two action-packed weekends – the esports tournament organizer’s first event in the battle royale game.

The popular Arenas mode was first introduced on Apex Legends in June and features teams of three going head-to-head in a round-based tactical shooter format. The top 20 teams from the first weekend (July 23rd-25th, 2021) of BLAST Titans action, will qualify for the second weekend (July 31st-August 1st, 2021). The second weekend’s action will offer the first insight into the pro meta in Apex Legends’ newest game mode.

Battle Royale Double Elimination (40 teams – €20,000 prize money)

Day one (Friday, July 23rd, 2021): group stages

Day two (Saturday, July 24th, 2021): upper and lower bracket stages

Day three (Sunday, July 25th, 2021): finals

Arenas Format (20 best teams – €20,000 prize money)

Day four (Saturday, July 31st, 2021): knockouts and round of 16

Day five (Sunday, August 1st, 2021): finals

Weekend one will see World’s Edge as the priority map and Olympus as the secondary map – offering an insight into the competitive meta on Apex’s newest map for viewers, and challenging teams to compete out of their comfort zone. The map pool for weekend two will consist of: Phase Runner, Party Crasher, Thermal Station, Artillery, and Gardens.

Day one

Teams are divided into two groups, with the top 10 teams from each group progressing to the upper bracket, and the bottom 10 teams from each group heading to the lower bracket and possible elimination.

Day two

Day two will consist of three stages: upper bracket 1, lower bracket 1, and lower bracket 2. In each of the lower bracket stages, 10 teams will be eliminated.

Day three

The final day of weekend one will see the remaining 20 teams compete in Apex Legends’ Match Point Format for the grand prize, and will rank teams ahead of the Weekend Two Arenas event.

Day four and five

The 20 teams competing in weekend two’s single-elimination arenas format will be seeded according to their performance from weekend one, competing in BO3 on Saturday to make the final eight. This will be followed by BO5 stages on Sunday, culminating in a Grand Final to crown the eventual winners.

Directly invited BLAST Titans teams include: SCARZ Europe, Fire Beavers, SoloQgoats, UNDERRATED, Aqualix, Endeavour, Forg Gang, Gambit, Alliance, NAVI, Purge, Yapeers, NEW Esports, FlavorOfTheMonth, Totem Esports, TD, Magicians, Ex-TI, K1CK and Fight of Fancy.

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